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Business Plan

No description

Ng Fu Min

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan

Company Information LOHAS Healthy Fast
Food Restaurant
Lot 18 , Wisma Putra ,
Lebuh Presgrave 10300 ,
Georgetown , Pulau Pinang
Private Limited Company
Food and Beverages
Sell healthy fast food to customer
30th April 2013
1st January 2014 Organisation Equipment List Business Plan of Cofounders :
How Yong Sern
Ng Fu Min
Chau Inn Sen
Lim Wei Lun
Low Zheng Yang Introduction Business
Description 1.0 Cofounders Information Low Zheng Yang, Cofounder and
General Manager

Ng Fu Min, Cofounder and
Financial Manager

Chau Inn Sen, Cofounder and
Operation Manager

Lim Wei Lun, Cofounder and
Purchasing Manager

How Yong Sern, Cofounder and
Marketing Manager Organisation Address LOHAS Healthy Fast Food Restaurant Sdn.Bhd.
Lot 88, Wisma Putra, Lebuh Presgrave,
10300 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang. Industry
Analysis 2.0 Industry Size Graph of annual sales of industry Industry Sales Projection Taking into account percentage change for past 5 years, and we get the average change is about 6.68%.

Sales projection for year 2013 and 2014 are RM 3.37 billion and RM 3.59 billion respectively. Key Success Factor Strategy location
Product differentiation
Speed Industry Trend Traditionally, fast food retailer competed based on price and value-for-money deals.

Urbanization and growth in the number of women back to the workforce.

A rise in household disposable income is expected to support fast food sales. Market
Analysis 3.0 Market
Segmentation Demographic Segmentation Age
Family Size
Income Geographic Segmentation Regions
Population density for Penang island Behaviour Segmentation Benefits sought
The occasions for which products are bought for
Brand loyal Psychographic Segmentation Motives
Experience Buying Behaviour Income Level
Life Style SWOT
Analysis Strengths Analysis Offers healthier meals
Provides quick service
Professional staff
Located in strategic place Weaknesses Analysis High cost of organic materials
High training cost Opportunities Analysis Increasing demand for healthier food
Introducing new meals to its menu
Engage in various promotions and season discounts Threats analysis Few organic materials
Facing strong competition
Lower meal prices offered by competitors Competitors McDonalds Marketing
Plan 4.0 Overall Marketing Strategy Positioning Point of Differentiation Offer healthier fast food than other fast food restaurant
Well-trained and friendly staff
Clean, friendly, and attractive environment Marketing
Strategies Product and Service Strategy Ensure that foods that have been prepared meet the customer’s preferences.
Emphasizes on the quality of the foods
Ensure the preparation of the foods can be completed in a timely manner.
Provide fast-service for the customers.
Provide various types of foods, beverages and different set of meal to the customer. Promotion Strategy Pricing Strategy Value-based pricing method.
Price of the products is determined by the perceived value of the products to the customer.
Set the price of the products based on how much the customers are willing to pay for the products. Distribution and Sales Strategy Sell the healthier foods directly to the customers without going through intermediaries.
Convert potential and first-time customers into long term customers.
Build and open new locations
Ensure sales meet the target and continue to grow. Sales Projection Management Team and Company Structure 5.0 Ownership and Management Team Management Flow Chart Job Specification and Description (Cont') Schedule of Remuneration Operation
Plan 6.0 Organisation Furniture
and Equipment Product and Service Operation Model
and Procedure Customer Serving Kitchen Inventory Managing Housekeeping Operation Strategy and Plan Financial
Projection 7.0 Pro Forma Balance Sheet Ratio Analysis Assumption Sheet Get loan of RM 140,000 from bank. Pay back every month for 60 months.
Cofounders will invest a total of RM 35,000, each of the cofounder invests RM 7,000.
Inventory been used in every month will almost equal to inventory buy since second month of operating.
Financing cost is 5.0 % per annual.
Loan repayment by every month and it is compounding.
Contingency cost is 5.0 %.
All the earning will be used as retained earnings.
Dividend only will give to shareholder after the fifth year.
Depreciation of fixed assets method: Straight line depreciation.
EPF given by employer is 13.0 % of the employee’s salary.
SOSCO given by employer is 1.75 % of the employee’s salary. Pro Forma Cash Flow Pro Forma Income Statement Summary of Business Plan Make people aware of the benefits of healthy eating habit.
Our marketing strategy is based on serving our markets well.
Focusing on market demand and customers trends.
Maintaining the quality of the foods.
Acceptable price for the customers.
Providing a fun and energetic environment. Increase customer awareness in the surrounding community.
Direct all of our programs toward the goal
Price our products fairly
Keep our standards high Promotional activities through advertising, public relation and other promotions-related activities.

Advertising the products through a number of media such as newspapers, magazines, internet and television.
Other advertising method : Banners, Flyer BUSINESS DESCRIPTION
Our business idea is healthy fast food restaurant and we named it as LOHAS Healthy Fast food Restaurant .
Concern on people and our mother earth by creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
Provide our customers with fresh and organic products served in a clean, fast and friendly environment. MAIN PURPOSE OF BUSINESS PLAN

To get the loan of RM 140,000 from the banker to start the business. Refrigerator
Plate washing machine
Gas stove
Coffee machine
Table for kitchen
Table for 2 persons
Table for 4 persons Promotion Strategy (Con't) Public Relations
Use blogging, media coverage, article about the business in newspapers, and through the social or community involvement to promote our business.

Other promotions-related activities
Special event
- Open house, annual program and activities
Special offers
- Free coupons, discounts Operate from 7 am to 5 pm
- Breakfast set from 7 am to 11 am
No delivery service
Prepare meal only when order come in
Using organic ingredient As state in the marketing plan, we believe that we can win loyal customers to our restaurant.
We strongly believe that LOHAS Healthy Fast Food Restaurant will give back a good return.
We wish that we can get the loan from the bank for this business plan. JOB DESCRIPTION AND SPECIFICATION Purchasing Ingredients KFC SUBWAY Business Logo Tagline MANAGEMENT FLOW CHART Company Name :

Company Address :

Contact Number :
Company Type :
Business Type :
Main Activity :
Register Date :
Operation Date : Organisation Location Map MarryBrown Executive Summary Product and Service (Cont.) Breakfast set

- chicken burger, beef burger, and fish burger Salad

- fresh fruit juice, coffee and chinese herb tea Light meal
- sandwich, taco

Side dish
-fried sweet potato, grill potato and mashed potato Company Description
Industry Analysis
Marketing Analysis
Marketing Plan
Management Team and Company Structures
Operating Plan
Financial Projection
Funding Sought Floor Plan Projected Sales Organisation Expenditure Utilities Price range:
- Set meals : RM 15.90 to RM 19.90
- Burgers : RM 9.90 to RM12.90
- Salads : RM 4.90 to RM 7.90
- Slide dishes : RM 4.90 to RM 7.90
- Light meals : RM 4.90 to RM 6.90
- Beverages : RM 2.90 to RM 5.90 Pricing Strategy (Cont') Product and Service (Cont.)
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