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Rachana, Izzah, Shi Qing, Pooja

No description

Izzah Arina

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Rachana, Izzah, Shi Qing, Pooja

Trip To Lorong Halus =) The Walk... 3-2-1 1E1 walking to Lorong Halus under the beating sun.. -_- Ipomoea Pes-caprae(Beach Morning Glory):
Has apple-shaped leaves and purple flowers.
Is used as groundcover for coastal area. Interesting Water Plants.. 3 Things We Have Learnt:
1)Singapore has four national taps.
2)Reservoir water will go to the treatment plant and it will then go to the distribution system and finally our home.
3)About plants around us Station 1: On A Photo Hunt Rhizophora Apiculata:
Can grow up to 20m tall.
Has arching stilt roots.
Is commonly used for piles.
Has cream, stalkless flowers with brown upside-down pear-shaped fruits 2 Things I will want to explore:
1)More kinds of water plants.
2)Know more about how water is purified=) 1 thing I will do from now on:
1)I will appreciate water from now on. Things We Have Learnt To appreciate water More about water plants Water from reservoirs have to be filtered first before it will be pumped into our house water pipes
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