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Main Topic vs Main Idea

How to distinguish between the main topic and the main idea of a selected text passage

Joshua Silverman

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Main Topic vs Main Idea

Main Idea
is a short piece of text that tells you the subject of what you are reading.
May be followed by other subtitles
Can not be argued
The Sky

The sky is blue.

The sky is blue
because of how sunlight passes
through the air.
The Sky
is our title. It tells us what the MAIN IDEA will be about. It does NOT provide an argument.
The sky is blue
is our MAIN IDEA. Why is this our main idea?
Follows a title
Is a statement that can be argued
It can be either correct or incorrect
There should be details supporting the main idea
It is an argument and
can be right or wrong.
The angry birds game was an important part of my childhood.
Jelly Beans
The hippopotamus was
purple and spotted.
Any other reason?
It is followed by a
tell us more about the main idea. They convince a reader why a main idea is correct.
It is easy to make new friends at the
start of grade 7.

Title or Main idea?
25th century
eating habits
Food in the classroom is
not a good idea.
Come up with at least two supporting details for this main idea.
What is a title you could
use for this main idea?
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