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Firing Squad

No description

Parker Opdahl

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Firing Squad

Discussion Topic
If you were in Captain John Adams' shoes, and you were faced with the task of executing private Jones, with your career and your future depending on it, but your conscious tells you its wrong. What would you choose, you career or your morals?
The Author
The author of Firing Squad is Colin McDougall. He was born in 1917 in Montreal. McDougall served as an officer overseas in WWII. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order. After the war McDougall moved back to Montreal and became a registrar of McGill University. Mcdougall would continue to work at McGill until he died in 1984.
The main Character in the story is Captain John Adams. Adams was in charge of the execution because he was trying to clear his name as a coward from abandoning his troops in battle. Private Sydney Jones is the man being executed for being involved in the killing of an american soldier. The Padre is a flat character who mainly gives advice to Captain Adams and Private Jones. Commander Hatfield is a stereotypical strict commander who gave Adams the execution orders.
The story takes place in Volpone, Italy. The setting was crucial as it was what was driving the soldiers and crew to get their work done because they were motivated to leave. It also has meaning because it brings out thoughts of the soldiers not only about the setting itself but it means more than that, they don't just want to leave Volpone, they want to leave the war.
Firing Squad
The theme of Firing Squad by Collin McDougall is that all actions have a consequence whether it is good or bad, and the decisions made will always have an impact on your conscience, and all in all, a true person will listen to what he knows is right from wrong.
Exposition: The characters get introduced and readers learn what Jones and Adams have both done.
Rising action: Hatfield talks to Adams and gives him the opportunity to clear his name by leading the execution.
Climax: Adams meets Jones and starts to doubt whether or not he wants to follow through with it.
Falling Action: The execution is about to happen and Adams refuses to go through with it.
Denouement: Jones is Released and Adams gets sentenced.

The main conflict in the story is between Adams and himself, and Adams and his soldiers. Adams is forced to create a firing squad of unwilling soldiers that believe what is happening is wrong. Adams is also faced with the decision of deciding whether or not it is worth executing an innocent man to clear his own name.
Point of View
The Firing Squad is being told by a narrator. This is influential to the story because it explains the scene as well as action done by all characters not just Adams.
The irony of this story is mainly situational. It is that Adams is faced with a horrible task that he must see through. When people think of an execution, especially in this style, they only think of the person who is being executed, and not the people who must actually pull the trigger. But the fact of the matter is that seeing the execution through was not an appealing task for either side, and in this case, it seemed to be harder for the firing squad then it was, toward the victim.
Firing Squad
BY: Braden
Alex D
Alex J
As a group, we liked reading this story and discussing it. We all thought it was interesting and that it was actually fun to talk about. It was a good eye opener to what some people have to go through every day, and the mental toughness and stability that is put into a single day of being in the army.
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