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Joe Hirsch

on 3 January 2018

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Transcript of 1920's

The Roaring 1920's
19th Amendment: Women's Right to Vote
Warren G. Harding
Barely got the Republican Nomination
First President elected with the help of women; Good looking
16 million to 9 million; 404 to 127
Won on a "Return to Normalcy" campaign
Teapot Dome Scandal
18th Amendment: Prohibition
Prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol
Carry A. Nation
Al Capone and the rise of crime
J. Edgar Hoover
A New Era Dawns
106,021,537 people in the U.S. - A First
2 new constitutional amendments
Republican domination of the White House
A resurgence of 2 old organizations
Growth of business
Rise in crime

The first "Celebrities" are "born"

So... What & Why?
Calvin Coolidge
Result of over 50 years of work
Began to create the "modern" woman
Margaret Sanger
Creation of the Teenager
From courtship to dating
Impact of the Automobile
High School
Vice President
Brought back respect
"The Chief Business of America is Business"
Cut Federal taxes and Federal spending
Penny pincher
Started after the Civil War
Post WW1
In Kansas
Spirit of St. Louis
Scopes Monkey Trial
Spirit of St. Louis
Duke Ellington
Louis Armstrong
Harlem Renaissance
Great Migration
Orteig Prize
1927-New York to Paris
Solo non-stop flight
Crowd of 150,000
Became a hero and celebrity
Baseball attendance all time low- Black Sox Scandal
1920- 59 homeruns
1927- 14% of all homeruns in the American League
Scopes Monkey Trial
Butler Law- Tennessee
Clarence Darrow

William Jennings Bryan
Trial first on Radio
Red Scare
Began after the Revolution in Russia
Communist Party formed in America
Sacco & Vanzetti
Imprisoned other Commies
Henry Ford
Made cars cheaper
America becomes a mobile nation
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