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Thomas Hobbes: A Philospher

No description

Hunter Hoffman

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Thomas Hobbes: A Philospher

Thomas Hobbes: A philosopher of the Enlightenment No, not this guy! Thomas Hobbes Lived from about 1588 to about 1679.

Born in Switzerland

Published the book of Leviathan in 1651

Means Sea Monster

Used to describe the sea monster of government at the time

Was the first major description on how the social contract theory should be used

It would be used to justify the absolute power of a sovereign

It also developed Hobbes' political philosophy.

Wrote other works as well, but Leviathan was his most popular work. Time period and works of literature Thought that the leader should make a decision based on the consent of the people

Thought that an absolute government was the only solution to a monarchy.

Offered the first solution to an absolute monarchy and a quasi-democratic government that the two sides were fighting over in the British Civil War.

Thought that everything needs to be under strict control to be able to prevent riots and uprisings from happening.

Thought about the natural world, and argued that sciences can explain the workings of the universe, even the way people behaved.

Thought that a single ruler should strictly rule the people that made the government. Government Thoughts Key Terms Social Contract-a position where a person abandons their "state of nature" (no government) to create one with their community, to protect their property or other possessions.

Sovereign- a supreme ruler, especially a monarch.

Quasi-democratic- a government resembling a democracy without being a democracy Published and expanded on a government theory that has inspired other governments that are in use today, such as a democracy

Published a book that explains the social contract theory more than anyone else

Thought of a way where people can live in a society where they are not in constant fear of losing their property or lives to one another.

Expanded the job of political science Major Contributions example: The End! www.svhoong.com

www.wikipedia.org (pictures)

connected.mcgraw-hill.com (textbook)


(I could not find a historical event that was inspired Thomas Hobbes) By: Hunter Hoffman
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