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Dutch Colonization and the Triangler Trade

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on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Dutch Colonization and the Triangler Trade

There was an ok impact on the Dutch colonization for the Caribbean. The Dutch did not use many slaves and did not tend to overwork them. Although the Dutch did not overwork them and did not kill many of the Indians they did take their land and used them as slaves.

What impact did Dutch colonization have on the Caribbean?
How did the Dutch benefit from colonizing the Caribbean?

The Dutch came to the Caribbean in the 1500s. Their main reason was to come was to start some new colonies and mine salt. Salt was very important back then and was sold for a lot. The Dutch had big salt mines in Curacao and Aruba. These countries had a lot of salt and were very important to the Dutch.
Why did the Dutch want to colonize the Caribbean
The Dutch colonized Sint Eustatius, Guyana (South America), U.S Virgin Islands(Shared with the English), St. Martin (Later was taken by the Spanish), Curacao, Aruba, and Bonaire.

Where did the Dutch Colonize?
Colonization is when a country starts a settlement somewhere. For it to be the countries colony they have to put in place their laws and their economy. You also have to put some of your people to live in the settlement to make it a colony.
What is Colonization?
Dutch Colonization and the Triangular Trade
The Dutch Colonized mostly countries in South America or in the Lesser Antilles.
The Netherlands did benefit from colonizing the Caribbean. The reason they benefited is they got lots of salt to preserve their food. This was very important because they needed to preserve the food on the long journey they had on the ships.
The Triangular Trade

In the early America stages you could only get goods from Africa or England. England would supply goods such as beads, weapons, rum, cloth and etc. They would sail all this stuff from England to Africa and their the slaves would be loaded onto the ships and then sent to the Caribbean to be used. This is called the Triangular Trade because it is done in a triangle. The countries that took part in the Triangular Trade were England, Africa, West Indies, Spain, Portugal, France and the Dutch. The Triangular trade started in the 1680s and ended in the 1880s.
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