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Pre-Colonial Literature

Kayla Evans, Payton Myers and Thomas Montgomery

Kayla Evans

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Pre-Colonial Literature

Native American literature
BEFORE American colonization
From over 20,000 years ago to the 1500's What is Pre-Colonial Literature? Pre-Colonial American Literature By: Kayla Evans,
Thomas Montgomery and Payton Myers Styles and Genres Influential Figures Important Events! Tribes and Their Literature Themes Effects of Native American Literature Oral Tradition Stories were not written down Stories Poems Songs Oratory Southeast What were the styles and genres of Pre-Colonial literature? Native American Tribes and their Legends... Pacific Northwest Tlingit Totem Poles
Famous Traders Legend of the Raven Ute and Shoshone Pacific Northwest California and the Great Basin Great Plains Southwest Eastern Woodlands Creation Myths Animal Myths Trickster Myths Hero Stories Animals - inhospitable land
- gathered seeds and hunted small game Shoshone Legends:
Wolf and Coyote Wolf - Creator and Culture Hero
Brother (Coyote) - Trickster
Poor decisions get him into trouble Raven - Creator god AND Trickster
Poor decisions get him into trouble Shawnee, Iroquois and Mohican Drawings Petroglyphs Carved Drawings Pictographs Painted into rock with pigments. (Minnesota) Today, Native Americans still see nature as being sacred. Native American-Owned Companies:
Green Spirit Environment Inc. Oral Tradition has taught us to appreciate the world that we live in! America recently began to realize our lack of respect for nature. (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr Sioux, Cheyenne and Crow "Stereotypical Native Americans"
nomadic hunters Cheyenne Legends Creator god- Maheo ("Great One")
Created man from his ribs
Woman created first Apache and Navajo Lived in pueblos
Very successful corn farmers By Pueblo Native Americans
Mesa Verde National Park
Built between 600 and 1300 A.D.
Made of sandstone, mortar and wooden beams.
Painted with plaster Apache Oral Tradition Coyote (or Fox)
Frequently killed Big Owl
Human form: man-eating ogre large villages
wooden longhouses
federation of 5 separate tribes
had own democratic government
controlled most of present day New York
Turtle's Back
Sky Woman- Mother Goddess
fell from the sky
The Twins-Sky Woman's Grandsons
Good Spirit
Benevolent and helpful to Iroquois
Bad Spirit
Evil & causes trouble Iroquois Legends Shawnee Legends Mishe Moneto- "Great Spirit"
creator god
no human form
Kokumthena - Transformer Hero, "Our Grandmother"
helped the Shawnee people
Old Woman Crazy Jack - Human Trickster
Lazy and Foolish
Escapes tough situations with wisdom and luck
Yakwawi- Giant Hairless Bear
Little People
Small nature spirits in the Wilderness
Mischievous, sometimes dangerous Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw and Seminole Lived in large, well organized towns
collapsed in 1500
diseases spread by Europeans Cherokee Legends Uhetanahi- Creator god
no human form
Jisdu- Trickster Rabbit
Yunwi Tsunsdi- Little People
Benevolent, but stern
Magical powers Tell how the world came to be. Explain why animals and nature must be respected. Tell Tell about how tribal leaders helped save their people About animals who escape sticky situations by being clever. Nature Creation Death Quests The First People Moral Lessons The gods "Border Guard Questions" Important Events and Dates in Native American History c.15,000-7,000 B.C. c.10,000-7,000 B.C. 1100 B.C. c.40,000-10,000 B.C. Ice Age, Beringia, Paleo Islands Migrated to North America by Bering Strait Paleo-Indian Hunters Spread Throughout North America I'm a Petroglyph! North American Woodland Period Hunting, fishing and gathering begin to develop. c.20,000- 1500 B.C. Southeast Americans Began To Make Pottery FAST FORWARD 2000 B.C. Pecos Culture begins creating rock paintings Cahokia
Large Native American city in present day Illinois
Now in ruins
home to over 30,000 people 1492 Christopher Columbus discovers North America! End of American
Pre-Colonial Period Hey, look at that valuable oral tradition! Famous Native Americans I am a Native American who lived in the 16th century. You all know little about what I did, but you do know that I was a peacemaker and spiritual guide of the Mohawk Native Americans. I am Hiawatha. I am a young woman who is a part of the Powhatan tribe, but I eventually moved to England. I met John Smith at 12 years old and I lived from 1595 to 1617. I am Pocahontas. I created the Cherokee alphabet. I am the only person in history, from a group of non-literate people, who created a reading and writing system for his people. I was born in 1767 and I passed away in 1843. (Arches National Park -Utah) Pawnee Legend Coyote and The Rock I lived from 1767 to 1843. I am known to be a War Chief of the Sauk tribe. I initially fought for the British, but I eventually lead the Sauk and fought against settlers who lived in Illinois and Wisconsin. I am Sequoyah. I am Black Hawk. I was born in 1720 on the Detroit River. I was a chief of the Ottawa tribe and I led Pontiac's Rebellion. Who am I? I am Pontiac. I lived from 1831 to 1890. My real name is Hunkpapa Lakota and I was a medicine man and holy man. I had a great victory at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Who am I? I am Sitting Bull. Geronimo Sacagawea Do you remember what this is? Literature Today! They believe in reducing the "carbon footprint" left on the earth. Many stories today make reference to Native American myths. Same characters can be found in American folktales
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