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Alliance Partners

No description

Eric Savoie

on 21 August 2018

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Transcript of Alliance Partners

Alliance Partners
Sid Organe
South Africa
Prosperity by Ubuntu
Feb - 2017
Bongani Sibeko
Eric Savoie
Universal Alliance
Feb - 2015
Sid Organe
Jean Robichaud
Dwayne McLean
Kay Sterling
Counscious Media
Private Enterprise
Lai-Ping Lee
Mozafar Maleki
BIG Co-Action Group
Private Enterprise
Sid Organe
Eric Savoie
Osprival Descomme
Water Filtration
Rural Development
Projects with
My Arms Wide Open
Community Public Foundation
Bergnek South Africa
Demographic Survey
Need and Skills Analysis
Community Development Plan
Projects with
Water Delivery
My Arms Wide Open
Egineers without borders
Erline Semexant
Bernard Destin
Douna Descombres
Bernard Kenol
Denis Saint-Surin
Potential Impact
Full Financial and Transparency Reporting
for all Donation funds
Loyalty Program to become financially autonomous
Develop Business from Donations
to become self funding
Radio Show
Business Plan
The Universal Alliance has been established to be collectively owned
Drinking Water

Asking for more collaboration from people who can take some time to participate in developing key aspects that will contribute to reduce the cost of development and cost of living of Haitians?
Example of the Telecommunication non profit established in India
What communications network in the country cell phones?
What is the Internet connection is like?
Site for us to stay?

India has set up their own cellular network and maintains costs down…

What empowered India started a non profit to provide a service empowering the people create economic opportunities and facilitate other opportunities to thrive.

Gene index is the disparity between poor and ruling class…which is 5%...95% of the population are impoverished.

Guarantee that funds are used for the project to support local people, enterprises and communities.

Rural Development and planning
Practical Construction Training (Eric)
Water filtration
Micro Enterprise support & funding

Community Public Foundation
Products and services created
For external fund raising provide history of the work we have done with alliance partners and local people.
Robert Marquez Kiln

already have projects that can be enhanced by the participation of this alliance.
The role of the Universal Alliance is to support business and community development using administrative web sites with the aim to empower the people to take matters in their own hands. But to establish channels of communications based on the actual conditions, we propose to conduct a sustainability survey to determine the desire for individuals to get involved with a vision that fits their environment and challenges.

Then after consideration, we propose a first phase of discovery by preparing an initial visit to analyze the possibility to partner in the collective effort.

Our role is to support the implementation of solutions to the most pressing challenges experienced by the community by providing community partners to design and assemble the technological tools by importing products and facilitating assembly of such technologies to create micro businesses working in conjunction with the planning of their community groups.

With our South African Alliance Partner, we conducted a demographic survey followed by a skills and needs survey within an impoverished community but due to lack of funding to initiate any action, we had to delay our assistance to facilitate the implementation of an action plan.

To support the initiative we bring our skills together to help organize the operational systems of the community group engaging the coordination of efforts in creating micro enterprises to deliver the solutions to their people by assisting in developing the micro enterprises, facilitate imports of components to build the tools necessary to move towards self sustainability.

The beauty of our methodology to build an administrative web site is that it will facilitate the duplication of such operational system to neighboring communities where we wish to assist local coordinators to share how to use this evolving communication system to coordinate efforts gradually growing to serve all levels of community development.

The community group responsible to participate in the planning of their communities will require the following:
Access to a communication center where access to internet is provided with the computers also accessible for their local micro enterprises.

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