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Wave Power

No description

Ella Higgins

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Wave Power

By Ella Higgins & Ella McCahon Wave Power How do the community feel and what is the likely future? Wave power is a renewable energy
its harnessed from the ocean
waves. It is the kinetic energy
of wind interacting with water
and creating waves. A large
amount of energy is stored
in waves. What Is wave power? Science and Technology At a wave power station, the waves arriving cause the water in the chamber to rise and fall, which means that air is forced in and out of the hole in the top of the chamber. A turbine is placed in the hole which turns the generator! How does it work? Energy Transformations An energy transformation that takes place is:

Wave power kinetic electrical

The kinetic is when the turbine moves. Renewable or Non-renewable Wave power is renewable you can use it to generate electricity and it keeps on coming continuously. It is clean energy with no carbon dioxide emissions. Waves are renewable because the ocean currents are being pulled in and out with the complexity of the moon and earth's rotation and is never going to run out. How is wave Power used? Yes, it is being used more and more as
we have a long and deep water coastline. Currently in Portland Victoria Ocean
Power Technologies is developing a wave
power station connected to the grid.
There is also plans for a wave power
station at Douglas Point South Australia. Is Wave Power used in Australia Is Wave Power used around the world? There are only a few countries experimenting with wave power. These countries include:
Each county use different type of equipment. some machine float on the surface, while others are attached to the seas bed Benefits & Problems Main advantages: Minimal environmental impact during construction
low construction cost
it creates no harmful byproducts
environmentally friendly
less dependent on foreign oil
doesn't damage land Reducing Global Warming With evidence that we have changed carbon dioxide levels for the worse, experts on global warming say that using wave power is unharmful to the environment. Wave power also boosts the growth of algae which can reduce carbon dioxide. Safety and environment Concerns Wave power causes coastal erosion
Marine pollution concerns could arise
Installation of wave power stations can disrupted the wildlife around the sight The Future At this point, wave power is not used in many countries, even though it is one of the cheapest source to build. However, there is big potential for wave power to be a major source of power in the future. We had to interview someone
so we chose Mr Morris and these are Mr Morris's thoughts & opinion on Wave power
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