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By: Richard To~

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Richard To

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of By: Richard To~

How Healthy Sexuality Relates to Me
Healthy sexuality relates to me and who I am because I try to keep a fun and healthy lifestyle. I do not use any drugs or smoke or abuse any other harmful substances to my body. I believe that the use of drugs is wrong and does not lead to a healthy lifestyle or a successful life.
One developmental asset that can easily relate to healthy sexuality is restraint. Restraint is the ability to resist the use of drugs and alcohol and control their sexual activity. An example of me showing restraint is not using any type of drug or consume alcohol. I also do not get sexually involved in things. Another developmental asset is self-esteem. This asset demonstrates how well a person feels about themselves, how confident they are, and how proud they are about themselves. Self-esteem relates to me as I almost never get down on myself. If I do something bad, I always look forward to see how I can fix it and make it better.
An external asset that relates to this topic is safety. Safety can be related to many different things like not taking any risks. Not taking any risks could be not doing anything dangerous to harm your body, or even be related sexually. Using any sort of contraceptive before intercourse is very important as it protects you from obtaining different sorts of diseases such as STD's. I have never had intercourse before so I have never used a contraceptive before, but I do make sure that safety comes first whenever doing things. I try to perform activities without harming myself in any way as I care about my body very much.
Thank you!
Who Am I?
Things I have Learned
There are many different things I have learned during this year of health. Throughout all the units, the most important thing I have learned is to take proper care of your life. Taking care of yourself includes not using any drugs or consumption of alcohol, exercising, eating well and doing well in school. Performing all of these steps will create a successful life and lifestyle as you will encounter no problems. You will be fit, educated and have a happy life. There will not be many worries, as you will have a good job and a good family. All of these things in life are necessary towards having a good one. Excelling at all of these things will surely provide a healthy and successful life. Taking good care of your life is most valuable lesson I have learned throughout this course of health. I will be sure to value all of these things and take great care of them.
Proclamation Presentation
By: Richard To~
An asset that can easily relate to this topic is achievement motivation. Being motivated to achieve different goals will help a person push to their very limits to reach that finish line. Being able to push yourself to this finish line makes you feel proud of what you have worked so hard towards. I share this feeling as I feel proud of myself for the accomplishments I have done and nobody can get me down. The reason why I act so motivated is because I have to live up to the standards of my brother's. My brothers are successful, kind, and funny. They are my role models in life, and I am planning to follow their footsteps.
External Assets for Fitness & Goal Setting
My name is Richard To. I am 14 and attend Robert Bateman High School. I am a person who believes in what goes around comes around. A person who does good things in his life, will receive great things back. In my life, there are three main topics that appear valuable to me. One being family. Without my family, I would not know where I would be in my life today. These amazing people support me, make me laugh, take care of me and have done many other important things that have shaped who I am. The second topic I find valuable to me, is my education and studies in school. Being successful at school links to the idea of being successful in life as my parents have always said "good grades bring good money and a happy life." The third topic I value is my personal health. Staying healthy and fit is also an important asset to being happy in life. I contribute to school sports like basketball, cross country and track and field. I also do athletics outside of school and play rep basketball. Keeping this lifestyle up will lead me to a successful journey in life.
Relating Healthy Sexuality to Developmental Assets
Substance Use, Abuse & Personal Safety
External Assets About Healthy Sexuality
An external asset that relates to healthy sexuality is peer influence. The friends you make can have a large influence on your life. For example, if your friends are good people, you are influenced to do similar things. If your friends were to be bad people, you would also be influenced to do the same. My friends do have a dramatic affect on my life. All my friends are smart, kind, and funny. This leads me to do similar things and I am glad to have such great friends in my life. Without the help of friends in my life, I would not be the same person as I am today and I am grateful for that.
Responsibility is a very important asset that relates to substance use and personal safety. Performing different actions in life is your decision and responsibility. Making smart choices depends on you. Responsibility relates to me in my life as I try to make wise choices that don't hurt my health and body. Making wise or bad decisions can impact your life heavily. For example, drinking while driving is a decision people make that also affect others negatively. It has killed many people, and has lead to much sadness with families. The actions you perform have many consequences towards other people as well. This is why we must think before we act.
External Asset for Substance Abuse & Personal Safety
Fitness and Goal Setting
An external asset that can relate to fitness and goal setting is family support. Without anyone supporting you for your goals that you try so hard for, you may give up. With the help of family, your goals will become much harder to do without anyone telling you to push it to your limit. With this said, my family helps me reach my goals. If no one was there to support me, I would never have got this far. I would like to thank my brothers for teaching me so many valuable things I need to know and my parents for giving unconditional care.
Social Skills & Conflict Resolution
An internal asset that can relate to the topic social skills and conflict resolution is peaceful conflict resolution. This asset demonstrates how a person can handle a type of conflict without violence or physical harm. I try to solve problems without having violence whenever there is one. For example, if one of my friends were to be picking a fight with someone, I would try to make him stop. Even though if it was the other person's fault, it is not worth it to get into any violence of any sort.
External Assets for Social Skills
Having positive family communication is always important. Being positive in general will just make you happy and have no worries on your mind. This positive affect can not only affect you, but also other people in your family. Having positive communication is the first building block to a strong, and healthy relationship between each other. In my family, no one gets mad easily. We laugh with each other, smile with each other, and sometimes even make fun of each other for fun. We all love each other very much and we tell each other that each day. Doing so has kept my family members in shape and sustain a healthy relationship with each other.
Healthy Sexuality-What I Have Learned
During the course, we did a unit about healthy sexuality. During this unit, I learned many different things that are very important to know later on in life. To me, this unit was the most important one to know as it gives us a better understanding of how healthy sexuality can affect our lives. The one topic we mostly focused on was female and male contraceptives. Before we did this unit, there were a few contraceptives that I did not know of like the transdermal patch or the cervical cap. I was only aware of the male condom, female condom and birth control pills. I also learned that no contraceptive is perfect and will work every time. Each one has disadvantages and advantages of some sort. These contraceptives can help prevent STD's and other diseases that are very dangerous towards your health.
Substance Abuse, Use & Personal Safety- What I Learned
From this unit, I have learned that the use of drugs can have dramatic affects on your health. The type of drugs that we learned about are heroin, marijuana, cocaine and the consumption of alcohol. We learned about how all these substances can affect us mentally and physically, both bringing bad affects. The abuse of these substances can lead to different diseases like depression, lung diseases, memory loss and many more.
Fitness & Goal Setting- What I Learned
In this unit, we learned about fitness and did other fitness activities as well. Some activities we did were running laps, beep test, sports and many more. We went to the weight room as well to do other exercises that deal with weights. I have seen improvement of my stamina and other physical abilities as things like running have become easier. As for goal setting, we did a fitness test at the beginning of the course to compare ourselves to the end of our course. Our goal was to improve on our fitness scores.
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