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Tuck Everlasting Ferris Wheel

A project about the book Tuck Everlasting

Kae'la Brown

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Tuck Everlasting Ferris Wheel


Tuck Everlasting
Static Character:
Dynamic Character:

Summary of the Book:
Plot Diagram:
Man in the Yellow suit: He was always wanting to sell and find the spring. He never really changed at all.
Mr.Tuck: Tuck was always agaist the spring. He never really liked the idea of it. He was never glad that he could live forever. He didn't want to live forever.

Tuck's House
Winnie's House

Rising Action:
Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution:
Live life to the fullest
Don't make bad decisions
Don't let death overwhelm you

Winnie wanted to run away, unaware that once she did her life would change forever. Once she left the safety of her home she was kidnapped by the merciful Tucks. She is given their trust and told the story of the magic spring, the one that gives you everlasting life. Winnie must decied whether she will take the chance of everlasting life or continue on "the wheel".
The Man in the Yellow Suit
Life and Spring
Winnie: She was detirmed to leave her home and run away. She then realized home is where she wanted to be. Even if the Tucks weren't there. Also she didn't like the Tucks at first. Then she thought of them like family.
Mae Tuck: She was a dynamic character. She was always happy during the beginning of the book. She then turned into sadness and anger. She was like this after she killed the Man in the Yellow suit and had to go to jail.
Thanks for Listening! :)
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