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New Foundation Module 2018

No description

Emily Spencer-Rigby

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of New Foundation Module 2018

The role of an RCN Rep
The parameters of the role
The legislation underpinning your role
To access the full guidance, go to www.acas.org.uk
How does the RCN support our members?
Day 1
The structure of the RCN
Day 2
Understanding RCN policies and campaigns (2)
Organising members through the branch structure
Understanding RCN policies and campaigns (1)

Click on link for Congress 2017 where you can read about and watch the debates, discussions and speakers
The role of the rep in recruiting members
Day 3
L&D Pathway for
RCN Reps

Foundation module
Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977
Trade Union & Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992
The Employment Rights (Northern Ireland) Order 1996
Employment Act 2002
Evaluation forms
Guides and resources
Learning contract
When an employer formally recognises the RCN, there will usually be a written Recognition Agreement which may cover all or some of the following:
terms of negotiation: collective or individual and what issues the agreement covers (e.g. pay and conditions)
which categories or grades of worker are covered (individually, collectively or both)
what union facilities (office space, use of telephones, time off for union duties etc.) are available to representatives.
How RCN reps make a difference in the workplace (Alex Scott)
The values that underpin the RCN
Understanding unconscious bias
The Royal Society
The Equality Act 2010
What are the 9 protected characteristics?
Religion or belief

Gender reassignment
Sexual orientation
Marriage and civil partnership
Pregnancy and maternity
Types of discrimination
Support for you as a rep
Information, advice, guidance and resources at www.rcn.org.uk

Membership Support Services & Lamplight
Getting members engaged and active

(This is the issue)

(This is how it will effect you)
(This is what WE can do about it)
Congress emergency resolution leads to Scrap the Cap
Identifying key stakeholders

Recording facilities time
The Trade Union Act 2016 (TUA16) and Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017
The legal entitlement to trade union facility time has NOT changed
It is only the reporting requirements that have changed
The duty to report lies solely with the employer
RCN representatives should engage, in partnership, with employers to ensure that the reporting is accurate – this includes identifying and accounting for personal time spent on trade union duties
What is to be reported? As required by the regulation
The time that is permitted by the employer to:
Carry out trade union duties, the duties of a learning representative or activities in which an employee is acting as a representative of the Union
Accompanying a worker to a disciplinary or grievance hearing
Carrying out duties and/or receiving training as a safety representative
Representing members collectively in negotiations with the employer
The RCN does not believe it is necessary to collect data or report on more than is required by the Regulations

The reporting process should be:
– not involve excessive use of employer or trade union resources. There is no requirement to break the information down into different types of duties.
– the same approach to reporting should be used. Only data required by the Regulations should be collected.
– identification of trade union reps (or their salary) is not required in the format employers have been asked to use

Data protection and confidential information - online training
or directly using:
Access via the reps hub development pages
Use your MyRCN username and password
This is the 'landing' page of the module which will launch the module
This is the interactive module which will open in a new window

Email ‘publications@rcn.org.uk’
Give your name, membership number and request Filofax
Filofax will be sent to your home address when you have been signed off the pathway
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