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Fish for the Moon in the Well

No description

Chloe Miyachi-Cabanting

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Fish for the Moon in the Well

Fish for the Moon in the Well
Upon his wife's request, Haojia journeyed out to the well, pebbles crackling under his feet. The crickets hummed soft songs of the night and Haojia listened, humming his own tune along with theirs. As the well came into view, his walking pace quickened to make sure that he wouldn't keep Chao-Xing waiting for too long. He peeked into the well and was about to fill the bucket up with water when he saw the incandescence of the moon reflecting back at him.
Haojia ran as quick as he could back to the couple's home; he needed to fish the moon out of the well no matter what. He dashed in the door and was immediately greeted by Chao-xing.
Haojia lounged lazily as he waited for the moon to get caught on the hook. After some time of hunting for the moon, Haojia was pleased to find out that something was caught by it. With the rope held securely in both of his hands he began to pull, and pull, and pull.
It was a mellow evening, the sun sending its final greetings to the earth as it set, a dark blanket of amethyst hugging the once colorful sky. It was at this time that Haojia and his wife, Chao-xing were eating a scrumptious meal. But during their meal, they encountered one problem; there was no water.
Jingzhōng lāo yuè
By: Jenevah, Chloe, Rouéll, & Tiffany
Because he was so focused on pulling, Huojia didn't realize that the rope was about to break. Little by little the rope's sturdiness began to diminish and eventually snapped, sending him falling flat on his back in what seemed like a quick flash.
Taking the advantage of that post, Haojia looked up at the starlit sky and saw the moon up high again right where it belonged. He sighed with emotion, resting his hand on his forehead as his gaze stayed fixated on the moon which smiled back at him.
As a result of this "accomplishment", he felt very happy. Huojia didn't hesitate when it came to telling whoever he met with about the wonderment, filling with pride every single time he told the story (much to the people's amusement). Little did he know though, what he did was something impractical.
Life Lesson
After he got the hook that he needed, Huojia dashed back to the well. He panted softly as he tied the hook on to the rope for his bucket. With this he tossed it into the well, the hook hitting the water with a soft 'plop' as he began to fish for the moon.
"Don't chase after illusions, truth will prevail despite your wishes."
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