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And Peter said “the truth that I have now come to realize, i

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Hannah Pagliaroli

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of And Peter said “the truth that I have now come to realize, i

And Peter said “the truth that I have now come to realize, is that God does not have favorites, but anyone of any nationality who... does what is right, is acceptable to God”
“God has no favorites” It means that God loves us all the same and the he doesn't like anyone or anything more or less. If everyone knew that, understood and did the same as God then we would have peace, no wars, no fights no one would dislike each other or favorite other people. Every one would understand just like God understands that we are all unique, we are all different, and we are all beautiful.
Before I found out that God has no favorites, I thought that God would favorite people and not really like the people who acted badly. Except over time, I have learned about how loving and forgiving God is and that he gives everyone multiple chances. God loves everyone and even the people who act badly because he forgives us.
How do I feel about God having no favorites
God has no favorites
If everybody knew and understood = Peace
While Simon Peter was at prayer the lord gave him a vision of many kinds of food, some of which were unclean to Jews like him. When the Lord told him to eat, he refused because he had always observed the laws. But the lord told him that nothing which God makes can be called unclean.
About Peters discovery
The Christian community is formed by a rich diversity of unique individuals
By: Hannah
We are all unique, we are all Gods work of art
We are all unique individuals, and we are all Gods work of art. Everyone is different and that's what makes us special and unique. You are related to your family by blood but you are also related to God and he is your family also. We may not be perfect like God but we are all special, and just remember, God is also your father and he is very forgiving and loving, and he has no favorites, and does not dislike anyone.
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