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Strategy of National Australian Bank ( NAB)

No description

Michelle Zhang

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Strategy of National Australian Bank ( NAB)

In a nutshell....
1 What is compounding?

2 The future of paediatric medicine - today

3 Formulations

4 Medication Adherence - SIMPLE

5 Why Discover Pharmacy + Compounding

We are able to compound discontinued medicines that have worked for you (... your patient's) in the past

Internal Analysis
Tailored Solutions 
The future - today

Tablets and Capsules

Formulating products without certain fillers, preservatives or ingredients that your patient may be allergic to.

Discovering a new way to deliver a medication that is giving you side effects when taken orally
a) Cultural change program
Build up positive organizational culture
Improve performance
Employee Relationship
SWOT Analysis
NAB Mission & Strategic Intent
Comparisons in strategic intent & mission with HSBC (Turkey)
Providing patient specific needs where mass-produced products do not fit an individual need.
WHO recognises lack of age appropriate paediatric formulations
Step back in time when all pharmacists were formulators, compounders.
Massive clinical research and publications regarding tried and tested paediatric formulations

Long term Shortage
With minimal commercially available options - we have the solution

Ability to formulate a medication into liquid form that is not commercially available

Well known brand

1800 + branches & 8.3 millions customers

Outsource its ICT system
Weak customer satisfaction
Increasing population

Strong domestic economic growth

New entrants
Political threats
ANZ cut its interest rate, such banks mean NAB could be crowded out of the market
Presented by Jack Khouzame
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To provide value to shareholders and become Australia's largest bank
Connect with Australian's & intergrate banking into their lives & community
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Describe the importance of organisational culture in NAB's Mission & Strategic Intent?
How can NAB improve?
Build on strategic vision
Clearer goals
Connect with customers on a more personal level
What is compounding?
rine ( C H W ) 10mg/mL SUSPENSION 50mL
Fluoxetine 2mg/
mL or Placebo ( F A B Study 10/ C H W /88 Dr. M Kohn ) MIXTURE bottle
Carbamazepine ( Te
gretol C H W P P ) 20mg/ml SUSPENSION 100ml bottle
Dexamethasone ( CHW
P P ) 1mg/mL ORAL SOLUTION 10mL bottle
Ferrous Sulphate ( Ferro-li
quid C H W P P ) 30mg (6mgFe)/mL LIQUID 50mL
Phenytoin ( Dilantin C H W P
P ) 6mg/1mL SUSPENSION 100mL bottle
Ranitidine ( Zantac ( C H W P P )
) 15mg/mL SYRUP 100mL bottle
Atenolol ( C H W ) 2mg in 1mL SU
Biotin Oral ( C H W ) 5mg/mL SUSPE
NSION Bottle
Ethanol (SVR) ( C H W P P ) 95% LIQUID
1L bottle
Indomethacin ( C H W ) 2mg/mL SUSPENSIO
N Bottle
Magnesium Chloride (24.3mg elemental Mg/mL)
( C H W ) 1mmol /mL MIXTURE bottle
Omeprazole ( CHW ) 2mg/mL MIXTURE Bottle
Saccharin ( CHW Formula ) 3.26% w/v ELIXIR 500m
L bottle
Spironolactone ( CHW ) 2.5mg in 1mL SUSPENSION
Sulfasalazine ( C H W ) 100mg in 1mL SUSPENSION B
Tacrolimus ( C H W ) 1mg in 1mL SUSPENSION Bottle
Zinc Sulphate ( CHW formula ) 20mg/mL MIXTURE 100mL
Diazoxide -SAS- ( C H W ) 10mg in 1mL SUSPENSION 100m
L bottle
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