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MBA Labor Market Info

CSU Career Counseling Class

Lauren "LJ" Jones

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of MBA Labor Market Info

What the Future Holds: Projections, Applications, Transferablility
Current Projections
Recap the Facts
The health care and social assistance sector is projected to gain the most jobs (5.6 million),

followed by professional and business services (3.8 million),

and construction (1.8 million).
Where do you hope to be?
Center of Education and the Workforce
Any state: http://cew.georgetown.edu/recovery2020/states/

Employment Projections until 2020

Job Growth until 2020 (Research paper)

Careers in International Preparation

Employment Projection PDFs and Links

Resource Tools:

Colorado Business & Marketing Page:

Labor Market Resources:

Industries and occupations related to health care, personal care and
social assistance, and construction are projected to have the fastest
job growth between 2010 and 2020
Over the 2010-20 decade, 54.8 million total job openings are expected.
While growth will lead to many openings, more than half
--61.6 percent--
will come from the need to replace workers who retire or otherwise permanently leave an occupation.
Who Am I?

Lauren k Jones, MA NCC
Program Director for Career Guidance and Counseling
Career & Technical Education
Colorado Community College System

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