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Haile Middle School Engineering Devin N

No description

devin n

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Devin N

How can technology be used to repair damage caused by natural disasters
Technology can be used to repair damage caused by natural disasters by seeing the damage done to the area affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and fires through the use of satellite imaging. The use of technology equipment to evaluate and improve air quality. Technology is used in locating and repairing downed electrical lines and restore power necessary for survival. Websites are created to help direct people to resources necessary to rebuild. Google created a "person finder service" to help locate family and friends. GPS is a global positioning service it's used to direct help to areas. Technology has aided in clean up after oil spills have occurred. Mobil devices serve as a communication highway and also aid in recovery efforts. Portable shelters to serve as temporary homes and facilities have been created. Bands have performed with modern technology to raise funds with for recovery
Front and rear axle
These are two axles for the e-car. They were both made in solidworks
Business Card
This is a business card that was made in coral draw you will go through many steps to get here but they are not very hard next i will laser it onto some card stock.
What Is Career and Technical
Career and technical education is a education that prepares school students and adults for a pathway to a career.Those careers may include marketing, architecture,law public safety & security, and finance. High school students that are involved with CTE will most likely do better, and will graduate at a higher position. Students in CTE graduate at 90.18% to nationwide of freshman 74.9%. Students that earn a CTE related degree make up to 19,000 dollars more than those not in a CTE field. Students who chose CTE in secondary education are more likely to be married and older. 88% of high schools offer a CTE program by the year 2002. In many states to include Connecticut, Washington, and Tennessee CTE brings in money for their economies. In 2011 the post secondary CTE participants.
This is the full body of the E-car that is made on solidworks, it will be fully made after finished with all the parts.
This is the motor that was made in solidworks it is hard with lots of steps but it will become easier to you once you know how to do it.
InformationToday Vol 28 no 5
Disaster Logistics Relief
International Strategy for National Desaster
This is the chassis it is the main part of the e-car for constructing of the e-car.
What is the he importance of
water towers and how do they
Water towers purposes are to give people safe drinking water to billions of people all around the world. The way a water tower works is that it goes from a treatment plant to the pump to people around the area of the water tower to the water tower again to cycle it. People in the morning use lots of water when people go to work it cleans and refills all the water towers. Then when it comes to night people will start using water again, but when their sleeping it will go through the same cycle.
how much do 2.5 gallons of water weigh
2.5 gallons of water weigh 20.8 pounds
Cost efficiency
Structural efficiency
Without infrastructure a city would not function the way it's supposed to. There would be nothing to buy in the stores because the trucks have no where to go or no way to get there.
In the water tower competition the limit for spending money is $12.00 that is 5 pts. 4 pts which is $9.01-$12.00. 3 pts $6.01-$9.0
The base of the model water tower must be 1 foot by 1 foot square. The center tank has to be 1.5 and 2.5 feet tall. The center tank must have a lid so the judges can see if the tank is completely full. It may not be more than 2.5 gallons full of water and may not be less than 1 gallon. Must bring receipts to day of judging if not brought you will get a max of 3 pts taken off. must bring in list of supplies.
Design ingenuity
hydraulic efficiency
This is the wheel it is very easy with a hint of hard.
When having a water tower you must make that it works and flows properly. If there was an earthquake or a fire you would need to have a water tower that works properly so the you could put out the fire. If somebody where at a house they wouldn't want it spewing out everywhere it would be more like a gentle flow.
Ingenuity means to be smart and resourceful with the design of your water tower. The resource of the water tower should be thing around the house. Skill will be used as well as imagination to create a water model.
The three dimensional coordinate system is just an upgraded version of the two dimensional coordinate system. With the use of the three dimensional system we can locate anything in a three dimensional space. With the two dimensional coordinate you could find an object but you would only know how far the object is from a wall or any other tall object. The xy-, yz-, and the xz- level surfaces separate the three given direction space into eight subdivisions that are also know as octants. The intro. to the postscript page description language now allows much greater flexibility -now virtually anything that can be described in vectors by postscript-enabled software like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator can be outlined, filled with suitable patterns, and laser-engraved. There are two possible coordinate systems which result are called "right-handed and left- handed".
Define the three dimensional coordinate systems and how it is utilized in laser engraving
The Ruler Game
Soulcraft Bikes
In the soulcraft bike video he used about 11 diffrent measurement tools.
He could improve it by laser engraving the the product names into the bike. He could also improve it that he could get it the exact measurments for the metal bars. He may also improve it by getting the exact weight for the bike. They could get the exact measurements for cutting the bars. He could improve the bike process by using a computer. The computer is a very complex design it could speed up the bike process very quick. If he had used a computer he would have had the bike done a long time ago.
Electric Motors
The first electric motors ever made were to be dated back to 1821. The motor changed the way we work by giving people with tools easier ways to do their job. It gave hardware employees easier ways to use their appliances. They may have to cut through a piece of and have to use a hand saw. With a power saw you could cut through a piece of wood in like 3 seconds. For people who work in the paper business, the paper wouldn't just appear in front of their eyes. They would have to cut down a tree with a big 2 man saw. Now with our current technology we can take a tree down and have paper in front of our eyes. If we didn't have the electric motor our lives would be very difficult.
Nine-Volt Battery
This is the nine-volt battery it is what will power the whole e-car
L-bracket and Switch
These are the l-bracket and switch they will fit on top of the chassis
Battery Clip
This is the battery clip that attatches the battery to the chassis.
Motor Mount
This is what keeps the motor on the chassis.
TSA districts competition
The TSA districts competition was very enjoyable. I competed in the junior solar sprint. We could have done better but we had a mistake. In the middle of are go my teams solar panel fell off. My team and I believe that we could have placed in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. We are going to states and are trying again with another team. We hope to succeed in states and make shore are solar panel doesn't fall off. I would like to do more with my new education of the solar car. I liked the districts competition and would like to do it next year.
Compare & contrast modern day bridge design & testing to bridge design & testing before 1960.
In 1960 bridges were made out of steel from the transaction from wood to steel. Today bridges are made out of steel, concrete, and other material, but now we use different types of material like, fiber reinforced polymers, stainless steel or combinations of those materials. Today we have multiple bridge designs, like the beam, the truss, the arch, the cantilever, the cable-stay, and the suspension. Today the way we test bridges is by new technical devices to measure the exact weight that the bridge can hold and see if it can with hold if it can hold a certain amount of weight. In 1960 the way that they bridges is by testing every individual piece with the exact weight that it could hold then used a truck that would seem to be if it was on the highway.
trb.org, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
Solar Sprint Chassis Competition
The solar sprint team will be competing to see which chassis is the best to use for the solar sprint competition.
Critical load
The definition of critical load is, the load at which a member of structure is likely to fail. With the knowledge of this we can determine new ways to build are bridges. They can find if they need extra support or if they need to make a whole new design. They may need to determine if they need to make the structure safer and stronger in which case they may use metal rods or thick wire to keep it from falling. That is how we can make modern day structures safer and stronger.
How will NASA use 3-D Printers in space.
NASA will be using 3-D printers in space to build functioning uses of spacecraft. The advantages of the 3-D printer in space is that it can open up a new space based economy. The disadvantages of the 3-D printer in space is that it could mess up and send junk flying out into space instead of heading back to Earth.
Sites used: www.ScientificAmerican.com
The I-Phone 6
This is the I-Phone 6 that was invented in engineering class as a project. Using details from the I-Phone 5 adding in the new look and more necessities. One is the ability to print small pieces of paper out left side of the phone. Another on is the ability to enter small round disc into the right side of the phone. That is the new I-Phone six invented in a school engineering class.
De Laval Nozzle for rocket performance
The de laval nozzle can improve a rocket by helping minimize the thrust. It improves the speed of the rocket and also in jet engines. It can also help improve the amount of pressure the nozzle can take.
definition of gear ratio
the ratio of the diameter of the pitch surface of any two meshing gears or of the numbers of their teeth.
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