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Intro to FFA

No description

Emily Bogner

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Intro to FFA

Chapter = $7.00
Section = $1.00
State = $6.00
National = $6.00
Total = $20.00 FFA Dues Structure Meeting new friends from everywhere
Earning awards & money from activities
Traveling to other parts of the country
Learning leadership skills
Being part of a team
Having fun (field trips, local activities)
Preparing for a career Benefits of joining FFA Classroom/Lab – provides instruction of agriculture concepts
FFA – organization for ag students that provides opportunities for you to practice what you learn (real-life setting)
SAE – Supervised Agriculture Experience – gives you a chance to explore an interest in-depth AG Education Program Introduction to FFA Emblems & lettering should be removed if given to another student
Always act professional when wearing
Refrain from smoking
3 medals allowed on front
Highest degree
Highest award
Highest office FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premiere leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. FFA Mission Statement Winner in Chapter Contest advance to Section Contest
Winner at Chapter Contest presented with free FFA Jacket ($$ value of jacket)
Chapter runner-up presented with free FFA tie/scarf ($$ value of tie/scarf) Creed Rewards Basic statement of beliefs and a common bond between members
Written by E.M. Tiffany
5 paragraphs all start with “I Believe…” Should be worn by members only
Keep it clean and neat
Worn at official occasions
Zipper fastened to top
Worn to appropriate places
Worn to awards ceremonies, CDE’s
If it becomes faded, should be discarded Proper Use of the FFA Jacket: The primary aim of the FFA is to develop:

Citizenship FFA Aim National Blue
Reminds us that FFA is National organization
Corn Gold
Reminds us that corn is a native crop and grown in every state FFA Colors Learning to Do
Doing to Learn
Earning to Live
Living to Serve FFA Motto FFA Traditions Rising Sun Symbolizes progress in agriculture and confidence in the future THE FFA CREED FFA Jacket
Black Pants/Skirt (jeans not accepted)
White Shirt/Blouse
Dark Tie/Scarf
Dark Socks/Pantyhose
Dark Shoes (tennis shoes not accepted) OFFICIAL FFA DRESS THE FFA EMBLEM Used as a symbol to recognize the organization as a whole Active – students enrolled in agriculture course and have paid dues
Collegiate – students enrolled in a college agriculture course
Alumni – anyone interested in supporting FFA
Honorary – given to members who have given outstanding service to FFA Types of FFA Membership State (Illinois Association)
State office in Springfield
Regional (4 regions)
Central, South, East, West
We belong to Central
Office in Indianapolis Top 0.5% of membership
Golden Key of Achievement
Have outstanding SAE ($7,500)
Show outstanding leadership ability
Have satisfactory scholastic record
50 Hours – Community Service American Degree Top 2% of membership
Gold Emblem Charm
Earned & invested at least $1,500 or 750 hours in SAE
Demonstrate leadership ability
Satisfactory Scholastic record (3.5 on 5)
25 Hours – Community Service
Must have state degree to be section president or state officer State Degree 2nd year members
Silver Degree pin
Must have improved SAE
Participate in at least 3 local events
Demonstrate 5 parliamentary procedure abilities
Show progress in FFA and SAE
Must have chapter degree to be Chapter or Section officer Chapter Degree 1st year FFA members
Bronze Degree pin
Learned the FFA Creed
Recite FFA motto
Know FFA colors & emblem
Can explain use of FFA Jacket
Can ID FFA History
Have access to FFA manual Greenhand Degree 4 Major Degrees Offered to Members FFA Degree Ladder Chapter (Abingdon)
Section (25 sections in Illinois)
We belong to Section 4
Others = Mercer County, United, Rockridge, Galesburg, Monmouth-Roseville, Avon, ROWVA, etc.
District (5 districts in Illinois)
We belong to district 1 Structure – 6 levels 500,000 + members nationally
17,000 members in Illinois
9,000-11,000 chapters nationally
Over 300 chapters in Illinois FFA Membership The National FFA is found
in all 50 states,
Washington D.C, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. Organizational Structure of the FFA Structure and Degrees 1996: FFA “online”
1998: Last Convention in KC, MO.
1998: National Office moved to Indianapolis, IN
1999: First Convention in Louisville, KY
2006: First Convention in Indianapolis 1976: First former FFA member elected to President of United States
1988: Named changed to National FFA Organization
1988: “Future Farmer Magazine” changed name to “New Horizons”
1994: First African-American National FFA President (from Illinois) 1950: PL 740 – U.S. Congress
Granted FFA a federal charter
1952: National Future Farmer Magazine
1965: NFA merged with FFA
1969: Females allowed to join
1971: National FFA Alumni
State office in Roanoke, now Springfield For Example Should include pictures, be neat and easy to read
Be creative!
Have fun!
Bring materials to do in class FRIDAY!!!! (colored pencils, pictures, dates, etc.) FFA Timeline In groups of 2, create a timeline of the past 100 years.
On the top of the timeline, you should outline the major Ag Ed/FFA events (atleast 20)
On the bottom of the timeline, you should outline major U.S. events happening at the same time (at least 15) FFA Timeline 1917: Smith-Hughes Act
Established agriculture in schools
“corn clubs”
1928: Future Farmers of America Established
Established at 1st convention in KC, MO @ the American Royal
Henry Groseclose – organized the first FFA chapter
Leslie Applegate – first National President
1929: Illinois FFA formed
Chartered in Champaign
1930: FFA Colors & Creed
1947: FFA Foundation History of the FFA FFA HISTORY!
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