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Theory of 2012

Scientific evidence is more credible in the predictions of 2012 than the ancient Mayan predictions.

Beth Hooper

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Theory of 2012

Theory of 2012 Science! Mayans! Culture in Northern
Guatemala Traces of ancient artifacts have
been found that date
back to 1800 B.C. Recorded their history by writing in
hieroglyphics on tombstones, monuments,
skin, or pottery. Grew their own food.
Main Veggie: CORN
They used corn
in almost every recipe! For the most part, they stay
together and travel together in
groups. Planted and harvested
crops according to the stars. They occasionally ate meat.
When they did eat meat they
would hunt deer, wild turkey,
ducks or fish. Beliefs They don't believe in just one God. They believe in MANY Gods and Goddesses! Mainly prayed to the Gods
and Goddesses of Earth, fire, and food. They only believe in Earth, Heaven, and the Underworld - nothing inbetween. They had ceremonies and rituals to worship their Gods and Goddesses. Worship was an everyday event! Calendar Circle stone with symbols carved in it. The calendar mostly came from the readings of the stars. Believed that one year
is slightly more than 365 days The Great Cycle:
5,125.36 years long
Began on August 11, 3114 BC
Ends December 21, 2012 Mayans believed that the world will not end when the calendar ends. They believed that it will be a new beginning! NASA has been researching this topic and they have found out that there is supposed to be planetary alignment between the Sun, Earth, and our galaxy on December 21, 2012. The Sun could possibly emit enormous solar flares if this alignment occurs. The Sun is too far away to have one its flares come in contact with the Earth. SUN Temperature:
5,800 K (Kelvin) on the surface
15,600,000 K in the core Mother Nature God of fire Solar Flares: Bursts of energy
from the sun making a loop of fire. A solar storm would
consist of multiple solar flares. Solar activities vary due to
what causes them. A similar occasion happened in 1958 which caused people to see Northern Lights in New Mexico! Ozone protects us from sun rays.
If it has a hole in it there is more
of a chance that massive solar flares
could access the Earth through
the ozone layer. This graph shows how the ozone layer has become low and weak over the years. Scientific evidence is more credible than ancient Mayan predictions. This image shows how the Sun has moved over time.
In 2012 the Sun will be on the Galactic Equator line.
This is called Planetary Alignment.
The Earth is also supposed to align with the Sun and Galactic Equator as well. These are sunspots. Similar Activiry: May 5, 2000:
The Sun, Moon, and planets aligned.
Caused high winds and earthquakes. The energy that is carried through a single solar flare is said to be equal to a few million hydrogen bombs. Small flares could last for a few minutes.

Big flares could last for a few days. Solar flares can cause disruption to:
GPS Systems
Space shuttles
Airplane flights
Cell phones Preparation Survival Condo! Key Features:
Walls 2.5-9 Feet Thick
Dome Cap
Wind Turbine
Solar Panels
Hydroponic Food
Military Security
Pool & Spa
Exercise Facility
Movie Theater
Surgery Center
Biometric Locks
Weather Station

To buy half of a floor - $900,000.00
To buy full floor - $1,750,000.00 Enough food to supply 5 years per person. Windows:
Rooms do not have sunlight since it is underground.
Has fluoresent lights in the windows.
Lighting acts like the Sun so people can still be healthy and get some form of "sunlight."
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