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Systems of defense against anxiety

No description

Gerardo Villanueva

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of Systems of defense against anxiety

Systems of defense against

Involves the denying of an external element or event that causes discomfort.
When a person thinks as being in an earlier period of life where he or she was more free of frustration and anxiety.
It is an unconscious removal of something from our awareness. Forgetting of the existence of what brings discomfort to us.
It is the reinterpretation of our behavior to make it seem more rational and acceptable to oneself.
It involves altering the id impulses, where the instinctual energy is directed into other channels of expression that are socially acceptable.
It is to shift an impulse to something else when the object that satisfies an impulse is not available.
To express an opposite impulse to a disturbing impulse.
To attribute our disturbing impulses to others. The impulse is still shown but is less threatening to a person.
"I don't hate him, he hates me."
"Al cabo que ni quería."
"And then I got angry at my boss."
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We are lying to ourselves unconcsiously, which is why the defenses are so effective. Thanks to defenses we do not have a real perception of what we really are.
No more anxiety!
For a while...
Defenses are necessary for mental health.
Freud proposed a list of defenses against anxiety, which we might use more than once at the same time.
These defenses have in common:
Disortions of reality.
Operate unconcsiously.

Schultz y Schultz (2009) Theories of personality. (9th ed.) United States: Cengage Learning.
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