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Tell Me About it Lesson (Prezi)

No description

Claudia Ahn

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Tell Me About it Lesson (Prezi)

Plan "Getting Started" Video Tutorial How to access Conclusion Objectives Created as an alternative to offline presentation softwares

Brings a more lively presentation than using static slides http://prezi.com/pricing/ Similar softwares
Microsoft PowerPoint
Apple's Keynote
Google Docs Claudia (Min Hyung) Ahn Dec. 03. 12 Introduction Co-founders: Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy, Peter Arvai

In 2001, Somlai-Fischer, a visual artist, began using presentations with a zoomable interface.

In 2007, Halacsy, a university assistant professor, and Somlai-Fischer started creating a publicly available ZUI editor.

Officially launched in April 2009, as Arvai joined as the CEO History http://prezi.com/ “Prezi is helping reinvent the art of presentation. Farewell, one-dimensional thinking. Welcome instead the power of inter-connection, flexibility, and the unexpected 'Aha!'”
— Chris Anderson, TED Curator http://prezi.com/about/ For BUSINESS
Helps your presentation stand out from the competition
Activates conversation during meetings

Shows the big picture and zooms in for details
Better engages the audience

More memorable and fun lectures
Allows active learning Cloud-based

Presentation software

Story-telling tool to organize, present, and share ideas on a virtual canvas

Uses Zooming User Interface to create a path for the audience to follow http://www.svennerberg.com/2009/02/the-rise-of-zooming-interfaces/ How to Use Create a new prezi.
Choose a template.
Choose a theme.

Add frames to start.
(Frames: similar to slides)

Add texts, images, shapes, and media files.
Insert slides from a PowerPoint file.

Create a path by choosing specific frames or contents in the order or your choice.

Type the full URL link to add a hyperlink.
You can group contents together.
( http://prezi.com/learn/group-select-objects/) Public - Free (can log in with a Facebook account, too)
- Work online
- Only public presentations
- 100MB storage space

Enjoy - $4.92 / month
- Work online
- Choose who to share with
- Answers in less than a day
- 500MB storage space

Pro - $13.25 / month
- Work also offline securely (Prezi desktop)
- Choose who to share with
- Answers in less than a day
- 2GB storage space Prezi licenses https://prezi.com/desktop/ compatible with
Windows or Mac OS X Compatible with most web browsers (eg. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and modern computers (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS)

Developed in Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR

Necessary to install the Adobe Flash plug-in View the Prezi manual

http://prezi.com/learn/manual/ Critique Personal Experience

No need to worry about using a Windows or Mac computer (as a Mac user)

Unique and effective presentations with relatively little time spent

Easy and successful for group presentations while all the group members can view and edit the presentation online without sending the file back and forth Comments from Presentation Software Professionals

Lack of font and color options
Zooming can induce nausea.
You have to buy the Pro version to get an offline desktop access.

Interesting alternative to a typical slide show presentation
Focuses heavily on graphics and motion
Great file compatibility options
(movies, PDF files, image files, HTML web-ready files)
Understandable user manual
Step by step video tutorials
Can contact the Prezi support team via email

http://presentation-software-review.toptenreviews.com/prezi-pro-review.html http://lifehacker.com/5888189/five-best-powerpoint-alternatives
http://ltlatnd.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/comparison-chart-powerpoint-and-prezi/ Agenda Introduction to Prezi
Objectives of the software
How to access
How to use
Video tutorial
Comparison with similar softwares
Critique Comparison Prezi: a cloud-based presentation software that
uses ZUI
Officially launched in April 2009
Alternative to offline presentation softwares
Used for business, conferences, and education
Compatible with most web browsers and modern computers
Licenses: Public (free), Enjoy ($4.92/month),
Pro ($13.25/month)
One virtual canvas, a path created for zooming details
Unique presentations
Easy and successful for group presentations
Lack of font and color options Comparison Chart http://prezi.com/about/
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