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All about KB

No description

Computer #21

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of All about KB

My Favorite foods are pizza and oreos because they are very delicious. I like to share those items with my friends!
if i could be any animal i would be a german Shepard because they are adorable dogs and get lots of love from their owners
If I could live anywhere I would choose to live in Oregon! I would choose Oregon because it has nice weather and it is very beautiful!
My Favorite school activity is Physical Education because I love to run around and play games!

i love to play volleyball. I love to serve and pass volleyballs. I also love to train for volleyball.
the college that i want to go to is Texas university on a volleyball scholarship and because they are a d1 school
My main goal is to work hard in volleyball and get a full ride scholarship.
I would like to get a job when i am old enough so i can have money for collage
i hate lizards because they are disturbing and scaly
My favorite color is blue because it makes me happy and it is a pretty color
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