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Steady State Theory

No description

emily dennis

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Steady State Theory

What is the Steady State Theory?
the theory that the universe maintains a
constant average
density with matter created to fill the void left by galaxies that are receding from each other.
both features—the infinite time scale and the
continuous creation
of matter—were controversial and caused concern of a philosophical and also a theological nature.
Facts that support my theory
Since the universe is
throughout time, the universe needs no convoluted explanation of its beginning.
To account for the decrease in density that would result from
steady state theory claims new matter constantly must be created in order to maintain a constant density
Obviously, for the universe to look the same at all times, there could have been no
or no
Theories my theory conflicts with
The Big Bang theory
Weaknesses of my theory
Astronomers found that the universe actually
over time.
The Steady State Theory began to
in the 1960s after the discovery of
A quasar is thought to be a luminous galactic core, powered by a super-massive black hole.
By 1961, statistical tests based on radio-source surveys had ruled out the steady state model in the minds of most cosmologists
Strengths of my theory
In the 1990’s, the discovery of
accelerating galaxies
(cosmic background radiation) renewed interest in the general concept of Steady State Theory
The steady state theory avoided the stumbling block of a universe that seemed to come from nowhere but replaced it with many little unexplained beginnings (those particles of matter appearing continuously from nothing).
Steady State Theory
Vocabulary word
Pulsars- a celestial object, thought to be a rapidly rotating neutron star, that emits regular pulses of radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation at rates of up to one thousand pulses per second

PSR J0108-1431 (J0108 for short) At a distance of 770 light years, it is one of the nearest pulsars to earth known
Both theories explained the outward rush of the galaxies but which is more accurate? Big Bang or Steady State?
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