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SAT Vocabulary

By: Tracy Donaldson

Tracy Donaldson

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of SAT Vocabulary

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Queue Definition: a line, a group of people waiting in order

Sentence: In elementary school it was mandatory that the students walk in a straight queue. Malady Definition: a disease, illness, or medical condition, especially a serious chronic condition

Sentence: When being exposed to high levels of radiation, you will develop a serious malady that will cause you to lose your hair. Definition: to break something down into its parts in order to explain or understand; especially to break apart a sentence into words and phrases, describing each part

Sentence: Some people have to parse words in their head in order to understand a different language. Parse SAT Vocabulary By: Tracy Donaldson Definition: to drink a liquid; to absorb or take in something

Sentence: After football practice, I imbibed a great quantity of water because I was parched. Imbibe Ravenous Definition: extremely hungry; filled with hunger that cannot be satisfied

Sentence: Being stranded in the woods for several days caused the hikers to become very ravenous and started looking for food Scuttle Definition: to sink a ship by creating a hole or holes in the ship beneath the water line

Sentence: An iceberg scuttled the Titanic after the captain rammed in to it. Deity Definition: A god or goddess

Sentence: The great deity Zeus punished his brother Hades by sending him to the underworld Thearchy Definition: A government ruled by the leaders of a religion or by the power of a god or gods

Sentence: The Greeks government system was a thearchy always praising the gods when they needed help Underworld Definition: a world beneath or below the normal world.

Sentence: The underworld is the lair of Hades where can you find souls and spirits
Obliterate Definition: to destroy; break down into nothing

Sentence: The tornado obliterated the town leaving it as a deserted wasteland Writhe Definition: to move comfortably; to twist around

Sentence: The bass writhed around after being caught by the fisherman Nestle Definition: to lay or be enclosed comfortably

Sentence: My girlfriend and I nestled on her couched because she was cold Defraud Definition: to cheat

Sentence: As a child a defrauded on a lot of test by copying my friends answers Candor Definition: honesty or straightforwardness

Sentence: Abraham Lincoln got the nickname "Honest Abe" by being candor
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