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Human Trafficking: We Must Fight

anti-slavery persuasive speech

Mary Prather

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Human Trafficking: We Must Fight

Human Trafficking
What is human trafficking?
Human trafficking is the illicit trading of humans as commodities.
What does the human trafficking trade involve, and what makes it so horrible?
The work slaves are forced to do is unimaginable.
What should our response to this problem be?
Our response should be action.
we must fight.
It is the second largest illegal industry in the world.
It is a crime.
Realize the problem.
Make a decision.
Refuse to let slavery continue.
Can we become the generation that ends human trafficking?
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By Mary Prather
Awareness creates a higher chance of beating slavery.
Be aware.
the owners and the slaves
It is a two-tiered system.
Human trafficking is real, but it does not have to stop us.
Amanda Matyas, 2011
This evil wages war against the human race.
We do not have to let it win.

It is an evil trade.
exploitation of labor
indentured servitude
exploitation of naivety
forced begging
Dwelling in the Word
exploitation of the body
forced prostitution
Get involved.
Action is necessary.
Human trafficking cannot continue.
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