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How are music videos generally made?

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Jacob Straffon

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of How are music videos generally made?

Music Videos
The purpose of a music video
Generally a music video is released for promotional purposes. The music video is usually released before the album is. If the music video is good it may gain interest and may even become viral. The more promotion the video gets the more promotion the song and the band get and the more money is made.
Established Music video directors.
I personally believe that music video directors who do well do so because they have access to funds allowing their productions to be big and impressive.They're not simple little videos they're well thought out and planned well. Directors such as Marc Klasfeld, who's famous for his live roof top video of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, planned extensively to make his video right and make it have the "wow factor".
Who's needed for a production of a music video?
Here's a rough list of some of the people who might be involved:
Director, to make sure everything is in order and everything is done properly according to the script in a visual context.
Writer, mainly for a narrative video, is responsible for writing the concept.
Producer, is essentially in charge e.g. creates a shooting schedule, sorts out finances etc.
Location scout, finds locations for a certain scene.
Camera man; to actually film the production.
Sound man; if the production has any sound clips this crew member will be needed.
Makeup, to make the band/artist look their best for the camera. They could also be doing additional makeup for a certain concept.
How are music videos generally made?
Music videos are made differently depending on their type .
Performance videos are made with the band/artist either lip syncing or playing along with the music. The songs are played through large speakers allowing the artist to play along.
However narrative videos are much more complex. A concept will need to be thought up by a writer or creative director. However the narrative will need to correspond with the song itself.
In conclusion successful music videos are always done with a good crew, a good plan and a fair amount of time. They're mainly used to promote a band and their new material either as a conceptual production or as a performance.
Example of the process
1. A storyboard and script is written to correspond with the song.
2. A shooting schedule is created and the crew is brought together.
3. The production is filmed.
4. The production is edited and final touches are made.
Where can you view music videos?
Music videos can be viewed on a wide range of technologies. In the present day they're viewed either on YouTube or TV music channels.
YouTube channels such as Vevo are devoted to showing music videos to people, gaining the band publicity. Band YouTube channels also update people with new material.
TV Channels such as MTV and 4 music also show music videos on a daily basis, usually in chart form e.g. the best club songs
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