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Objectives of the Study

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Lee Ooh

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Objectives of the Study

the Study
The aim of the study is to determine the most acceptable new flavored bibingka. And how the people accept the new bibingka in the market.
Bibingka is a type of rice cake native to the Philippines. This is traditionally made from galapong (milledglutinous rice), coconut milk, margarine, and sugar. During dawn masses on Christmas season, side street vendors are a common sight preparing and selling this delicious rice cake along with puto bumbong,The traditional way of cooking Bibingka is unique and quite time consuming. The mixture is poured on a clay pot lined with pre-cut banana leaf. A special clay oven known as Bibingka oven is needed to bake this rice cake. The clay pot is placed between the layers of the Bibingka oven and lit charcoals are placed below and above the clay pot to evenly cook the mixture.

This research undertaking is aimed to present the importance of this delicacy in the people and culture. This study is to improve, provide, accept and promote ‘bibingka’ in Iligan City. This study is also focus on the impact of accepting the new flavored bibingka on the market.. It also consists of studying the new flavored bibingka producers affect the people of Iligan City.and is to know how the the people in the accept the new bibingka in the market. Since evaluators that will rate the product, the sensory evaluation may give varying results. Flavors will be added to the product.

of the
In dealing in this study, researcher’s is focus on how the people accept the new flavored bibingka and is also focus on the good benefits of bibingka. In this study, the students and random people will be our target. This study will also help realizing the people how healthy our product is.The study will influence on what flavored bibingka are most favourable by the people.

* To the students, for them to have knowledge about how the new product of bibingka produce affect the people in Iligan City and

* To the local entrepreneurs of new flavored bibingka in Iligan City, this study will provide new ideas how the market accept the new flavored bibingka.

* And lastly to the future researcher, this may serve as reference or guide for further research.

Conceptual Framework
Independent Variable

It is important for us students to familiarize ourselves with our own culture. It serves as a unique identity that sets us apart from other countries. There are many ways to study Philippine culture, it could be by religion or history, but it will be better and more interesting if we study the country by its delicacies. These sweet delicacies are prepared in a variety of ways and come in all shapes, tastes, colors and sizes. Coming from the word “kanin,” the common factor in these desserts is rice. These desserts always have an element of rice whether ground into rice flour, cooked with coconut milk or smothered in muscovado sugar. Rice coupled with sugar, coconut, other ingredients and different ways of cooking no wonder kakanin is such a Filipino favorite.

These desserts date back to pre-colonial times when Filipino ancestors used to offer them to gods and visitors. They were cooked in bamboo shoots or banana leafs. Most of the cooking techniques, simple composition and tastes were preserved up to the present. Until today, it is important part of Filipino culture.

Intervening Variable

Health Restrictions; Diet
Religion ; All
Sex ; All
Dependent Variable
Acceptability of
flavored bibingka

It presented the variables involved in the present study such as the Independent variable, Dependent variable and Intervening Variable. The Independent variable is the price, texture, taste, flavorand appearance. The Dependent variable is the acceptability of bibingka . And the intervening variable is the demographic profile in terms of health restrictions: diet, religion, sex. The relationship of the variable will be determined of the results of which will be the basis on how the economy accept the new flavored bibingka in the market.
Taste and Texture

Bibingka has a soft spongy texture similar to puto, another Philippine rice cake. It is eaten hot or warm and is slightly sweet with a taste very similar to rice pudding. The top and bottom surfaces (including the traditional banana leaf lining) are also usually charred, adding to the flavor.

“Food is about agriculture, aboutecology, about man’s relationship with nature, about the climate, about nation-building,cultural struggles, friends and enemies, alliances, wars, religion. It is about memory and tradition.”

- Mark Kurlansky

Some may choose to eat meat rather than vegetables. Others may be into salty while others are into sweets. Others may likely to have their meals at home or sometimes in food establishments like restaurants or fast food. Also some vary their food based on their diet.

Theory of Acceptability

Sensory quality should be considered as a key factor in food acceptance because consumers seek food with certain sensory characteristics. The acceptance of a food will depend on whether it responds to consumer needs and on the degree of satisfaction that it is able to provide .The process by which man accepts or rejects food is of a multi-dimensional nature. Its structure is both dynamic and variable, not only among different individuals within a group but also within the same individual in different contexts and periods of time. Acceptance of a food is basically the result of the interaction between food and man at a certain moment. Food characteristics (chemical and nutritional composition, physical structure and properties), consumer characteristics (genetic, age group, gender, physiological and psychological state) and those of the consumer’s environment (family and cultural habits, religion, education, fashion, price or convenience) the influence of consumers´ decision to accept or reject a food .Apart from the characteristics of the food itself and the sensations consumers experience when ingesting it, a consumer’s purchase choice and even the degree of pleasure when consuming it can be influenced by their attitude and opinion about the nutritional characteristics, safety and even the trademark or price of the product. Other aspects of consumer response to food must also be considered. For example, the relationships that exist between taste genetics, taste function markers and preference or food intake or the increase in acceptability due to habitual consumption or whether the 3 food fulfils consumers’ expectations of sensory quality .All of these influence
Theoretical Framework
Research Methodology
This chapter concerns to the methods which the researcher aims to apply in collection and processing of data in order to acquire necessary result of the study. It also contains the selection of respondent and using experimental method appropriate for the study.
This chapter is also about the techniques and procedures that will determine the acceptability of new flavored bibingka. To do this objective the researcher will ask the random students of IMCC and random respondents outside the school about the effect of how people accept the new flavored bibingka in the market.

Research Design
The study involves product development of bibingka with its new flavors to increase the acceptability of the product among people and enhance its nutritional content. An experimental case study, the new flavor bibingka will be tested by students and randomly selected respondents and be evaluated through questionnaire.
Sources of Data
The sources necessary to obtain information and result for the study consist of primary and secondary data. Primary data will be the interview to the students of Imcc and random respondents outside the school. The secondary information will be the published articles and journals that will support and provide information to the researcher’s study.
Sampling Design
The participant of the study in the first survey were 50 students and random respondents from Iligan Medical Center College and outside the school regardless of gender and age consisting of first year students, second year students and third year students.
The participants of the study in food tasting survey were 50 random respondents from Iligan City and lugait regardless of gender and age.
In writing this section of research paper, the approach should preferably start form the recognized views to the unfamiliar point of views, whichever is applicable, one as follows:
1. The acceptability of the product.
2. Provide better understanding of the impact of new bibingka in the market.
3. Increase nutritional content.

The random students of Iligan Medical Center College and random people were chosen by the researchers for the reason that it is more well situated and convenient to get information to fellow students in finding the answers that this study seeks. The initiative to part these students is due to limited time and they are the person who is in reach because the researchers could gather these subjects in an intact place and specific time for the researcher’s convenience.

Description of Respondents
Data Gathering Procedures
The researchers will choose what kind of questions to be use in the collection of data. The researchers will survey and experimental method to gather necessary data needed for the study. Researchers will tend to interview selected students of Imcc and random respondents with a population of 50 students of Imcc and 25 random respondents outside the school will be selected randomly depending to their availability and their decision to participate in research. To acquire enough information about the topic the researchers will conduct survey students and random respondents, whoever is concern, about the acceptability of new flavored bibingka.
The researcher will use Frequency and Percentage Distribution method to determine the percentage for the profile of the respondent and weighted mean to get the result for other data that will be gathered. This will be used to obtain the results needed to finish the study about the acceptability of new flavored bibingka in Iligan City.
Formula for Frequency and Percentage Distribution:
% = F/N x 100 where: % = percent, f = Frequency, and N=


The researcher will use survey and experimental method which consist of direct questions in which the respondents will answer in clear and specific to provide enough information for the study.
First, the researcher will get the general information of their respondents such as name, gender and age. Then, it will followed by questions regarding to the main topic of the study which is the acceptability of new flavored bibibngka.

Statistical Treatment
Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Results

The purpose of this experiment is to know how the people accepts the new flavored bibingka and tests its acceptability. All data with regards to the survey were collected in Iligan Medical Center College and outside the school. For ethical purposes, each respondent were given waiver form asking to answer the survey. The researchers created the said products.

Product: Chocolate Bibingka
Yema Bibingka

Summary, Conclusion
& Recommendations
General Summary of the study

The statement of the problem of this research study is to find out the acceptability of flavored bibingka in the market. There is an increase possibility that the new flavored bibingka would create something new like innovation in the market because according to the survey, there is higher rate of people who like the new flavor bibingka and it has been accepted by the people.
The research design utilized one-shot experimental case study. The sampling design and technique has convenience sampling. The chosen respondents are 50 students from Iligan Medical Center College and another 50 random respondents from Iligan City who try the product. The research instruments made use of letters to the respondents and survey questionnaires to assess the extent acceptability of flavored bibingka for the students and the random respondents of Iligan City. Statistical statement is applied on the study and that is percentage distribution.

Flavored Bibingka

Thanks And Godbless
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