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Create a Digital Book Club

Ideas, tips and resources for creating a digital book club for your library.

Cassie Renner

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Create a Digital Book Club

Create a general plan or outline for setting up your Digital Book Club.

Genre: Will there be a focus? Should you create multiple Digital Book Clubs? How will titles be selected?

Frequency: Bi-Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?

Staff Resources: Who will be responsible for promoting? Moderating discussions? Selecting titles? Purchasing additional copies of titles?

Communication Strategy: Where will you promote the Digital Book Club? Who are you targeting? What is your message?

Goals or objectives: How many members would you consider a success? Can you tie in the Digital Book Club with other library initiatives? Step 6: Wrap Up Step 4: Promote Facebook: Use Question feature to see what people want to read next.

Twitter: Create hashtag to track conversation.

Pinterest: Create a dedicated 'Digital Book Club' board displaying images of jacket covers you've read.

Goodreads: Place Goodreads widget on library homepage.

Use raffle or prize as incentive for users to participate.

Promote in your email signature.

Supplement with in-library promotion (flyers, posters, bookmarks and more). Facebook: Chat via status update or Facebook Note.

Twitter: Live chat using a dedicated hashtag.

Host videos of book trailers and author interviews.

Live stream sessions of library staff discussing the book.

Create dedicated discussion board for each book.

Create general boards (introduce yourself, all time favorites, etc.)

Add events, polls, photos and videos as you see fit.

Recruit library staff to write reviews of titles.

Allow comments from community.

Link to title availability in your digital collection. Step 1: Plan & Outline If you are doing a prize / raffle, draw a winner.

Wrap up conversations surrounding the book and any open questions.

Build hype for the next book.

Continue planning for future books to ensure your library has enough digital copies or to see if it is available in a Simultaneous Use plan. Create a Digital Book Club Ideas, tips and resources Start a Digital Book Club to:

Generate interest in your digital collection.

Accommodate your patrons' busy schedules.

Build upon a strong relationship with the community.

So ... how do you get started? Ease your way into a Digital Book Club by incorporating digital titles into an existing physical book club.

Challenge your existing book club(s) to “go digital” for a month. Did you know that next month's book, Jane Eyre, is available as an eBook from the library?
Use a Twitter hashtag to track conversation.

Use Facebook Notes to get the conversation started, or, create a dedicated Facebook page for your Digital Book Club.

Create a Goodreads group to start discussions. Good to know!

Everyone seems really busy this month. Let's try to have next month's book discussion all online.

I'll start a Facebook page. Take some of the best practices from your existing book club(s) to create a strictly Digital Book Club. Top Circulating
Dance the Eagle to Sleep by Marge Piercy (Independent Publishers Group)
Betrayal by Karin Alvtegen (Canongate Books)
Cecilian Vespers by Anne Emery (Independent Publishers Group)
Girl in Shades by Allison Baggio (Independent Publishers Group)
An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington (Canongate Books)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (Duke Classics)
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Duke Classics)
...and many more from Duke Classics

Managing Money: 21st Century Lifeskills by Nan Bostick (Saddleback Educational Publishing)
Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 10 Powerful Tools for Life and Work
by Marilee Adams (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.) Always link to the central hub for the Digital Book Club so users can find out more information! Example Goodreads Groups:

Salt Lake County Library Services:

DC Public Library:

Sacramento Public Library:
http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/87232-sacramento-public-library Do you see the big picture? Really, the big picture.

Digital Book Clubs are a great way to engage users to keep them coming back.

Be where you users are... anytime, anywhere. ...so they can continue to enjoy the wonderful services you provide... Hint: Online Best book club reads from Simultaneous Use plans Tip 1: Tip 3: Start the discussion online Tip 4: Step 2: Choose a book Create a landing page, or central hub of communication, for your Digital Book Club.

Landing page on your website

Blog / online forum

Dedicated Facebook page

Goodreads group Check out Cincinnati's 'On the Same Page' book club:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/On-the-Same-Page/376239019132786?group_id=0 Tip 2:
You may want to plan a few months in advance to get a jump start on promoting and preparing your digital collection.

Assess how you will select titles for the Digital Book Club (member recommendations, staff picks, vote, etc.)

Look for titles available in a Simultaneous Use plan.

If not available in a Simultaneous Use plan, secure permission to purchase multiple copies of the title.

Scour the Project Gutenberg collection for a selection of classic titles. Step 3: Create Central Hub Step 5: Host Discussion
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