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IEEE membership benefits

No description

Sana Khalid

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of IEEE membership benefits

Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers The world's largest technical professional society promoting the development ,application of electrotechnology and allied sciences for the benefit of humanity... IEEE develops global standard in

broad range of industries including

power and energy, information

technology, telecommunication,

transportation, nanotechnology,

information assurance and

many more You have entered a career that is in continuous
change, by the time you graduate some of the devices you heard about in the class may no longer be widely used because of our rapidly changing technology. That's where IEEE enters the picture, by joining it you are entitled to its educational activities and publication ,so you can enhance your knowledge this way. Let's have a look at different committees of IEEE student branch under which you can work Membership committee:
Membership committee helps in branch recruitment. It made the students know why to join IEEE and how they can get themselves benefited from it. Program committee:
It is entitled to plan and organize
all the events of branch. It strives
to arrange successful events. Publicity and Design Committee:
Publicity/Media committee is responsible for advertising all Branch activities. Poster designing is under this committee. Finance committee:
Fund raising activities are held under this
committee. Preparing sponsorship and
other documents are also its
responsibilities. Documentation Committee:
This committee prepares all documents and reports of events. It provides material for website and publicity of events. Industry Liaison Committee:
Establishing relations with industry for conducting workshops, seminars, training and internships is under this committee. It also asks industry for sponsorship . Web Designing Committee:
It updates and maintains the website www.ieeeuet.org.
Event’s information, Members’ list and other details are uploaded by it. Participation in regional conferences, workshops would help you out in development of leadership, interpersonal and team building skills.

Participation in awards, scholarships and project/design programs and student paper contests would enlighten your knowledge.

Its brings Members access to the industry's most essential technical Information, networking opportunities & career development tools. Being a member you can have network with others in the local member community, and participate in local educational events.
You can engage with others through informative technical meetings.
Its offers you opportunities that build leadership skills and networking opportunities
Its helps to locate career opportunities easily and confidentially.
Expands the scope and depth of your
technical knowledge. of joining IEEE Ensure your exceptional academic accomplishment and strong character is publicly recognized by the entire engineering industry.

Development of vital professional skills such as leadership, communications, and teamwork through practical hands-on experience.

Enhance Your Career by Networking with Technical Experts.

Advance Your Professional Success with the Prestige of Membership.

IEEE membership allows you to compete against your peers and have fun simultaneously. Come on...
join IEEE What is IEEE??? You can join any of the IEEE technical societies, like:

Aerospace and Electronic System
Antennas and Propagation
Circuits and Systems
Control Systems
Power Engineering

A chance to meet people from the Industry. Includes various informative talks, interactive sessions, presentations, etc.

Program especially for young people who want to join the industry. It also focuses on Higher Education and Careers in Emerging Technologies.

A brilliant platform to develop your interpersonal skills and a networking platform with people from the industry, who could be your potential employers. Don't lose interest ...

Have a look on some events organized under IEEE Minute to win it S-PAC Break the logician code Conceptualize the notion Control the controller Dodge the
snake We have a hunger of the mind which asks for knowledge of all
around us, and the more we gain, the more is our desire,
the more we see, the more we are capable of seeing. Presented By:
Sana Khalid
2012-EE-69 Mainly the benefits you can have being a member of IEEE are:

Enhancing your knowledge

Career development
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