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Mental Factors - Approaches to Developing Performance (24/9/

No description

Morag Carmichael

on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of Mental Factors - Approaches to Developing Performance (24/9/

Mental Factors - Approaches to Developing Performance (13/11/17)
Approach 1
Goal setting - which features would this be a useful approach to develop???

When do you think
goal setting should
take place?

How often do you
think goals should
be set?

Approach 2 - Controlled Breathing
Which features of the mental factor could this be an approach to develop?

When would controlled breathing occur?

What is the purpose of controlled breathing?
Learning Intention
To explore 4 different approaches to developing mental factors.

Success criteria:

1. Be able to name each method and state which features it could be used as an approach to develop.
2. Be able to describe and explain 2 methods.
3. Be able to evaluate 2 methods.
Approach 3 - Mental Imagery
You explored this approach during today's practical session.

Which features do you think it could be used to develop?
For the approach given - evaluate the benefits and limitations of the approach for the features listed:

Goal setting - motivation or mental toughess
Controlled breathing - anxiety or concentration

Use your course notes to support.
Approach 4 - Pre-Performance Routine
What are your pre-performance routines???
Select 1 approach from the 3 we have discussed.

Describe this approach, explain this approach and evaluate this approach (benefits and limitation).

Time - 15 minutes
Homework Task
Complete 1.3 on an approach for the mental factor.

You are asked to explain the approach.

Please note the difference between DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN.

Use FIP help sheets to guide you.

Due date - Monday 20th November
Homework Task 2
Consider an overall performance improvement goal.

Consider which physical feature and which mental feature you will aim to improve to reach this goal.

Due date - Monday 20th November
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