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How can I be successful in Mrs. Livingston's Class ?

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Mabel Livingston

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of How can I be successful in Mrs. Livingston's Class ?

My name is Mrs. Livingston and I want to show you ways to be successful in my English/language Arts class.

Be ready at the end of this presentation to answer some questions.
What do I need?

You can ask a friend
or you can BORROW
one from
Mrs. Livingston's
What if I forget my materials?
When the bell rings.

When should I be in class?
Mrs. Livingston has an

"IN BIN" on her desk that you put your papers into.
Not on the table,
Not on Mrs. Livingston's desk
Not on the computer
Where does my work go when I am finished?
they are to hold your journal, 3 subject notebook, graded papers, projects and activities we are in the process of doing and any other materials Mrs. Livingston asks you to file there
What are those colorful crates for?
Please respect each other in the classroom

Do not touch other's belongings

Do share and work together. You will have to work with others in "real life"

Make sure you are prepared for learning by having the following items taken care of............
What else do I need to know?
sharpen your pencils BEFORE class begins

Check the AGENDA board and prepare your materials BEFORE asked to

Begin your journal entry WITHOUT being asked to ( you will only have 5 minutes to complete a journal entry)
You need to:
We use technology and will use more technology as the year progress.


How can I be successful in Mrs. Livingston's Class ?
you need a composition book to be used as your journal, a 3- subject notebook to use for note taking and other activities,
a black or blue ink pen and a pencil
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