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Les Murray

No description

casey lunney

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Les Murray

Les Murray Soccer Superstar Les James Murray was born in Budapest Hungary the 5th of November 1945. He was the son of Jozsef and Erzsebet Murray. They lived at Wollongong New South Wales after being at Bonegilla Migrant Camp and he went to school at Berkely High. EARLY LIFE He had a passion for soccer and he had been interested since he was little and decided to play after watching the 1960 Euro Cup. LATER LIFE He started as a journalist in 1971 then switched to be in a rock band called "The Rubber Band". Later he moved to network ten as a commentator in 1977 for the soccer. In 1997 he changed his name from Laszlo Urge to Les Murray. Later he moved to SBS in 1980 as a subtitler in Hungarian language but soon started in a associating football. By Sam And Casey Murray was made a member of order of Australia for services to association football on the 12th of June 2006. In 2006 Murray stepped down from his position as an SBS sports director to become an editorial supervisor for SBS. In August 2011 Les Murray won the "Blogger of the year" award at the FFDU Australian Football Media awards. In 2011 Murray published a book called "The World Game : The Story Of How Football Went Global". PERSONAL LIFE Murray has two Daughters ,Tania a singer/songwriter and Natalie a television Journalist and presenter. REASON FOR COMING One night in 1954 Les' dad didn't come home and Les' mum thought he was dead but he was actually visited by the undercover police and they knew that they would have to go. m b8y NOW LIFE "I've had personal experience with people smugglers and i believe it is my duty not a wish to thank them". Les wants to find the people smuggler who helped his family. Heaps of people see people smugglers advantage of the most vulnerable people. Les says enormous risks were taken for his family and he is determined to find that man. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING OUR PREZI ( =
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