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The Transcendence of the Fil-Ams via the Bayani Campaign

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Love Thy Country

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of The Transcendence of the Fil-Ams via the Bayani Campaign


Bayanihan - the thread that binds us that emanates from the spirit of a caring people
Bayani - Bayanihan personified; being a hero for each other
Bayani Code - conduct of a renewed Fil-Am
Bayani Campaign

weak sense of identity
disunity in the community
distrust among each other
lack of cause/purpose
weak sense of nationhood

Fil-Am Population
3.4 million
1.5 million in California
GDP $192 billion
$48,100 per capita
$75,000 per household
53% from US
$12.7 billion
The Numerical Facts

Raise awareness about the strength and beauty of our people through the Bayani Campaign
Organize, organize, organize
Partnerships - engage existing Fil-Am organizations to address common goals
Bayani Consortiums - build collaborative groups of successful young Fil-Ams that have shared values in key cities in the US with the mission of supporting each other's endeavors
Civic Leadership & Youth Empowerment - plan and conduct symposiums, leadership forums, civic leadership initiatives and special events that will establish cultural identity, values, community empowerment and anything encompassing the essence of what it means to be a Bayani (Filipino redefined).
Bayani Tour - bring Fil-Ams to the Philippines not only to see the beauty of the motherland but also to experience the beauty of our people
Fil-Am Festivals - infuse in these festivals the Bayani Campaign message
Create a Fil-Am Credit Union for financial empowerment for the community (for remittances, scholarships, personal & business loans, travel funds, health insurance, etc.)
Consistent/positive messaging on TV, On-line and Print through media partners
The Action Plan

A strong political voice in the U.S.
A more progressive Fil-Am community
Financial/Economic strength
A stronger connection to the Filipino heritage and to the motherland
Improved image of the Filipino in the U.S. and in the global community
A strong political influence in the Philippines
Greater support for nation building initiatives
Invest in the Philippines
Support and promote tourism in the Philippines
Create demand in the U.S. for Philippine products and services
Support NGOs attending to the needs of the poor (i.e., Gawad Kalinga, Yellow Boat Project, Apl.de.Ap Foundation, etc.)
The Outcome
The Transcendence of the Fil-Ams
"Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community."
~ Anthony J. D'Angelo
This quote captures why Bayanihan, the spirit of communal unity, exists in our culture. Because we are such a caring people, being together and working together is where we thrive best. This means that in whatever we do as a people, we should do it the Bayanihan Way.

The Bayanihan Spirit resides in each one of us. We just need to recognize it, claim it, and allow it to help us do good for our fellow Filipino, for the community we belong anywhere in the world and for our motherland, the Philippines .
Bayani (n).
1. hero;
2. loves and cares for one's country and people;
3. the state of being a Filipino.
Use in a sentence:
I come from a bloodline of Bayanis.
I am Filipino.
a Bayani...
has a caring and serving heart
helps the least amongst us
always preserves the dignity of others
uplifts the condition of the poor/marginalized
inspires others to do good
is bold, courageous and has the strength of his/her conviction
has high regard for the preservation of mother earth
The Bayani Code:
I will honor you,
I will care for you,
I will uplift you...
for YOU are my people.
Embody the Bayanihan Spirit and Become a Bayani!
raise awareness
transforms into
The major issue facing many 2nd & 3rd generation Americans of Filipino descent is that they do not have a clear sense of cultural identity and connection to their Filipino roots. This lack of identity results in a weak participation in the Filipino community because there is no clear cause/purpose or benefit to being an active member of the community.
The Issues
~ discover the beauty and strength of our people
The Numbers
The data and statistics of Filipino Americans show a potentially powerful community- socially, economically, and politically. Unfortunately, this power exists only in spreadsheets and has not been organized or mobilized in a significant way to make a difference.
If we abide by the Bayani Code as we relate towards each other, we will be better Filipinos and a stronger people.
We come from a beautiful and loving people.

Our forefathers, tracing back to pre-colonial times, gave us a beautiful GIFT.

It is called BAYANIHAN- the spirit that emanates from a CARING people.

This spirit of communal unity has helped us survive throughout our history. Unconquered by colonizers, wars, natural or man-made disasters, corruption nor poverty, BAYANIHAN continues to reside in our hearts to this day. Whenever we summon the spirit of BAYANIHAN in our communal endeavor, it has never failed us.

Let it then be our mission to pass on to the future Fil-Am generations this beautiful GIFT that it may serve them as well in our people’s journey.

Let our young know that by embracing the BAYANIHAN spirit, they become BAYANIS (heroes).

And if we all act like BAYANIS by honoring, caring and uplifting one another, only then will there be true strength in our own BAYAN (community/country).
Bayani Campaign
A Call to Action for the Fil-Ams
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