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Marketing Plan: Danone Freeze

No description

Gen McCallum

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Plan: Danone Freeze

Marketing Plan: Danone Freeze

Current Situation
Consumer Segmentation and Target Market
New Product: Danone "Freeze"
Nutritionally enhanced frozen yogurt bars
Product Strategy:
Promotion Strategy
Foreign Entry Potential
What need do we satisfy?
Why choose Danone Freeze?
How will we position ourselves?
Moderate Price
High nutritional value
Danone Canada Inc.
Division of French multinational Groupe Danone
Based in Boucherville, QC
35% share of Canadian yogurt market in 2012
Popular, well-known supplement
"Safe" flavour choice - appeals to broad range of tastes
Post-workout snack to build muscle mass
Whey Protein
Higher vitamin C content than an orange
L-theanine - green tea derivative
"Primes" cells to learn/memorize certain immune function
Immunity Boost
Acai Berry Blend
Added Beta-carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin E
Fight free radicals
Reduce harmful cell-damage from occuring within the body
Antioxidant Boost
Implementation Timeline
Why Frozen Yogurt?
Increasingly health conscious population = more demand for low-cal, low-sugar alternatives to traditional ice cream
Frozen Yogurt
All Other Frozen Desserts
High quality organic ingredients
Substantial, balanced snack to get you between meals
Health/body conscious consumers can feel good about this sweet treat
Guilt and self-resentment FREE
Ice Cream - Bad for you
Other Frozen Yogurt - Neutral
Danone Freeze - Beneficial
Nutritional "Boosters"
Organic Fruit Products
Ages 18-30
Health Conscious
Toronto - Montreal - Vancouver
Sell to retailers through intermediary wholesaler
Sell and ship directly to large chains with large enough order quantities
Financial Evaluation
Hybrid: Zero- and One-Channel Distribution
Personal Selling
To be aired in target cities
Featuring a celebrity athlete
Showcase decadence
Tie in to 2016 Olympic Games
Campus Ambassador Program
Short Television Commercial
Start with metropolitan campuses
Endorse our brand and encourage purchases
Campus promotional event (ie: party)
Economic Growth
**Fairly young population, large portion in target age range**
60.2 Brazilians are between ages of 16-54
Warm Climate
Large & Growing Population
Established Infrastructure
Establish Recipe and Packaging Materials
January 2014
January 2015
Contact suppliers, distribution centers, celebrity commercial candidate
June 2015
Finalize contracts
January 2016
Release university ambassador applications; Start commercial production
February 2016
Close ambassador applications
March 2016
Select ambassadors and begin campus campaign
April 2016
Soft launch in 3 major Canadian cities
June 2016
Finish commercial production
August 2016
Hard launch coordinated with Olympics (commercial aired)
September 2016
Ongoing university presence; grocery store BOGO promotions
Sales Promotion
To be given out on campus by campus ambassadors
Samples tent on universities and for 2016 Olympics
Buy 1 get 1 half-off initial promotion coupons

Samples and Coupons
Promotional Video
Thank You!
Average of
to retailers
Pricing strategy closely resembles

Buy one, get one half-off coupons
Danone’s current profit margins:
GPM = 50.1%
NPM = 8.5%
Projected sales in Canadian target market in year 1: $3,708,807
89,851,250 units need to be sold to break-even
Domestic and foreign markets combined
Expect to break-even in about 3.34 years
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