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PESTEL analysis of the United Kingdom

No description

Smita Pandey

on 22 November 2014

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Transcript of PESTEL analysis of the United Kingdom

Political factors
EU regulations
Accession of new members
Updated laws
Economical Factors
Changes in interest rates
Terrorist attack in September 2001 affected all the industry
people were scared to travel and make investments
Sterling and Euro's growing strength is making the UK's economy stronger
Technological Factors
PEST analysis of The United Kingdom
Social Factors
Having aging people in society
The London 2012 helped to foster the identity of the UK
The society allows all kinds of workers from all over the world
Various types tourism, sports and leisure activities are available
Merlin Group
Responsive to the latest technologies
UK is known for it's technological improvements in every sector.
People are familier with latest technologies
Competition between the companies within the market
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