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Rodrigo Robles

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Animals Pollution Introduction of Exotic Species Habitat Destruction Pollution Animals Colegio Garcia
Flamenco Exotic species are introduced into new environments by way of human activities, either intentionally or accidentally.
These interlopers are viewed by the native species as foreign elements. They may cause no obvious problems and may eventual be considered as natural as any native species in the habitat. Our planet is continually changing, causing habitats to be altered and modified. Natural changes tend to occur at a gradual pace, usually causing only a slight impact on individual species.
It can be difficult for an individual to recognize the effects that humans have had on specific species.
It is hard to identify or predict human effects on individual species and habitats, especially during a human lifetime.
But it is quite apparent that human activity has greatly contributed to species endangerment. Many animals are dying because of pollution. All types of environmental pollution have negative impact on animal's health, and the worst types of pollution are air, water and noise pollution. Even small levels of environmental pollution create discomfort for many animals while on the other hand more excessive pollution leads to diseases and deaths of animals. Many people ignore the fact that our planet is now polluted more than ever before, and that many animals are dying because of it.
They fail to see the importance of these animals, and underestimate the importance of biodiversity in general.
Biodiversity is the key to human well being, and we should be definitely doing more to stop huge biodiversity loss that is also a serious threat to our own survival. Air pollution is particularly dangerous to animals when in form of the acid rain. Acid rains kills fish in lakes and streams by increasing the acidity of water. Other forms of air pollution such as ozone are also harmful to animals, for instance ozone pollution can cause serious damage to lung tissues of many animals. By reducing all forms of environmental pollution on our planet we could save millions of animals but sadly world is currently not doing enough, and pollution issue is therefore constantly growing in size.
Add to this climate change and deforestation and you'll soon realize why so many animals are finding it very hard to survive. Students:

Francisco Adrian Rodriguez Ochoa
Javier Alejandro Martinez Rivas
Rodrigo Ernesto Robles Burgos
Fernando Jose Magaña Navarro
Luis Eduardo Alfaro Montoya

Teacher :
Douglas Rodolfo Arevalo
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