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Teaching Learning and Technology


Daniel Qualls

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Learning and Technology

EDU 213
Teaching, Learning, and Technology Dr. Daniel Qualls Technological Strength? Technological Weakness? You? Me Questions? If none, then we can talk about my last vacation Syllabus "New Literacies" St. Petersburg, Florida!! UMM's
Education Program Office: 28 Kimball
Phone: 266-1260
Office Hours: T-TH
2-4pm "Preparing to Use Technology"
By O'Bannon and Puckett "Teaching with the Internet"
By Leu and Coiro Flashdrive Blackboard Class Attendance is Mandatory! Due dates and Late assignments Cheating and Plagiarism First assignment:
Forum Discussion #1 Evaluation Criteria
1 point equals 1 point out of 100 www.rightattitudes.com Calendar Reflective Practitioner MLR Maine Learning Results MITCS Maine Initial Teacher Certification Standards Anthropology
Archeology High School Teacher Student Teacher Supervision Army Officer Include: Skills, strategies, and dispositions that are needed to effectively use and adapt to changing information/communication technologies They allow us to identify important questions, locate information, critically evaluate that information, solve problems, and communicate solutions to others.
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