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Communication Campaign Tribewanted


Andreia Virmond

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Communication Campaign Tribewanted

www.tribewanted.com Tribewanted's is an online community
and a tourism village project located
in Vorovoro Island, Fiji. Channels used Stakeholders Target audience Evaluation Collaterals The campaign Tribewanted.com
YouTube Primary/On-island
- Local community
- Island's visitors
- Island staff
- Service providers

- Online members
- Staff located
around the world
- Travel agencies
- Travel suppliers
(insurance, airlines)
- Website designers
- Environmental organisations

- The online tribe:participate
online or by visiting the Island. Quantitative
- Tribewanted: almost 10.000 members
- Facebook: 408 followers
- Flickr: 56 followers
- MySpace: 1983 followers
- Youtube: 20 results= over 22,000 views
-Press releases on The Guardian/UK, The Telegraph/UK, National Geographic.
-Tribewanted book by Ben Keene
-Awarded the "Best Social Network"by London Broadcast Digital Media Award *Future: what will the SNSs be for
once the project is finished? (1) to build an international cross-cultural
community based on sustainable ways of living;
(2) to gather individuals from all over the world
to collaborate by providing international ideas
for sustainability and innovation;
(3) to have members visiting Vorovoro, living
alongside tribe members and the Fijian community,
taking part in all aspects of the project. -Vorovoro Island owned by Tui Mali.
-Created by Ben Keene in 2006.
-Was to finish in 2009.
-Renewed until 2012. - Indigenous Fijian tribe:Tui Mali plus
25 members of his family and other local
villagers live and work full-time in
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