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The World of Michael Jackson

Black History Month

Moaaz Waheed

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of The World of Michael Jackson

Who was M.J?
American Singer
"King of Pop"

Early Life
Full Name: Michael Joseph Jackson
D.O.B - August, 29, 1958
Birthplace: Gary, Indiana, U.S.A
- 7 out of 9 children to Katherine & Joseph Jackson
- Joseph . J worked as crane operator, dreamed of musical fame
- Born to a musical talented family

"Jackson 5"
- Highly talented music group
- Consisted of: Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael, Tito
- Encouraged by their father
- Reached stardom after signing a recording contract with "Motown Records"
- Michael became the leading vocalist & dancer
- Recorded with "Motown Records" till 1975
- Signed new contract with "Epic Records" as
"The Jacksons"

Musical Career
- Began own Solo career in 1979
- Recording Contract with "Epic Records"
- First solo album "Off the Wall" in 1979
- "Off the Wall", best selling album of the year
-remained top 10 for 8 months
-first album to have 4 top 10 singles
-2 out of 4 singles were no.1 hits internationally with certified gold records

The World of
Musical Career Continued
Michael Jackson
About Michael Jackson
- Height: 5'10", 178 cm
- Highly musically talented
- Famous entertainer, in early and mid 1980's
- Trademark move "Moonwalk"
-"It's being offstage that's difficult for me"
- Age 11, made his first appearance on T.V
- Drafted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as of Jackson 5 (1997) & as a solo performer (2001)
- Played "Scarecrow" in musical movie "The Wiz"

- 1982, released "Thriller" , a mega hit
- Largest solo album at that time
- Sold more than 40 million copies
- "Thriller" won 8 Grammy Awards, certified Platinum following year
- Featured seven hits which made top 10, including no.1 hit singles "Thriller", "Billie Jean", "Beat it"
- Produced another hit single "The Girl is Mine" with Paul McCartney made No. 1 on rhythm and blue charts and No.2 on Pop charts
- Following year, award winning short music video "Thriller" was played on MTV

" Off the Wall"
Musical Career Continued
-Produced successful records for Diana Ross "Muscles" in 1982, "Centipede" for sister Rebbie in 1984
-1984, he and his brothers, toured Canada & USA with the Victory Reunion Tour
-1985, M.J & Lionel Richie, wrote "We are the World" for "Africa Famine Relief Operation" in USA
-M.J & Lionel Richie wrote several other songs together
-1987, released album "Bad", made 7 hit singles, having title track "Man in the Mirror" & "Dirty Diana"
-1988, wrote his autobiography for "Moonwalk" which later was made into a movie
-1991, release of solo album "Dangerous", having a hit single and video "Black or White"
-2001, produced album "Invincible" having 15 tracks

- August/17/1993
- Accused of sexually assaulting a 13 year old boy
- 5 days to leak, within 24 hours worldwide
- Charged with several counts of sexual abuse
- Boy's family launched civil suit for $30 Million
- Paid by M.J on January/1994
- Went through rehab due to addiction of painkillers
- 2005, highly publicized 14 week trial
- A jury acquitted him of all charges
- Settled out of court due to media
- As an international celebrity, his reputation recovered as of time
Unusual Life
Marital Life
- 1994, secretly married Lisa Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley
- Marriage between M.J & Lisa Presley
lasted less than 2 years
- 1996, he married Debbie Rowe (Nurse)
- M.J & Debbie Rowe had 2 children
- Also had third child but mother's identity kept secret
-1999, divorce with Debbie Rowe
M.J & Lisa Presley
Debbie Rowe & M.J
3 Children
Last Moments
Date: June-25-2009
Age: 50
Reason - Cardiac Arrest
Memorial Service - Staples Center (LA)
''Neverland Ranch''
- 1988, purchased Neverland Valley
-2,700 acres for $17 million
- Located in California
-Developed real estate into dream home
-Named it "Neverland Ranch"
-Had movie theater, amusement park, zoo
-Security staff of 40
-Sold in 2008
Cool Facts
- Pets: Boa Constrictor, Python, 2 Llamas
- First single "I want you Back" sold more than 2 million copies in 6 weeks
- Macaulay Culkin, godfather to M.J's children
- Never took dance lessons
- Vitiligo
- Rare pigmentation disorder
- Skin color changed itself overtime
- Affects 3%
- Went through 10 - 12 surgeries in 30 years
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