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Community-based Conservation and GIS

Explore how communities can better their conservation efforts through the use of geographic information systems.

Natalie Davis

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Community-based Conservation and GIS

Conservation What is it? Challenges of CBC A SOLUTION:
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Community-based conservation (CBC) is the involvement of local communities to manage their own land for conservation. The goal is to empower and enable local communities in the protection of their natural resources, often resulting in financial gain for the community and a sense of local pride. Lack of resources & abilities Inefficient
communication Varying levels of participation Varying knowledge within the community How can GIS help? assesses potentials for land enhances understanding of human-land interactions allows better ecological monitoring provides a more integrated approach to planning improves accuracy of data Need an example? how do we use the land? why? where are the greatest impacts? combine multiple maps into one answers at your fingertips thorough management analysis what areas are animals using? where is the greatest diversity of plants? would this make an effective preserve? exact locations correct numbers see the connections how does x effect y? what are the changes over time? using maps as a communication tool

allowing access to and control of the same information

creating opportunities for participation

empowering communities in decision-making GIS addresses the challenges of CBC by: In a nutshell... Need a visual explanation? Here's the formula: A GREAT SOLUTION!
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