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The Neptune project

No description

Amber Collins

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of The Neptune project

The Neptune project

By: Polly Holyoke
Prezi By: Chloe Arnett
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Summary Cont.
Nere- main character, dynamic
Leader of her 3. She has strongest telepathic link out of the group (neck-to-neck with Dai). She has a pod of dolphins. Part of the Neptune Project.
Robry- Cam's little brother. Dynamic. Lived where Nere lived. Part of the Neptune Project
Lena- Nere's BFF until age ten ( Nere doesn't know why). Part of the Neptune Project

Characters Cont.
Kyel- leader of the group of Neptune kids that Nere and her group meet with. Static
Thom- Member of Kyel's group. Neptune Project kid. Static
Thobin- Medic of Kyel's group. Neptune kid. Static
Bria- Member of Kyel's group. Neptune kid. Static
Ree- Member of Kyel's group. Neptune kid. Static
Dai- He joined Kyel's group later than the others. Neptune kid. Always travels with a large pacific dolphin named Tom.

Characters Cont..
Sara- Traveled with Penn and Kalli. Static
Penn- Grew up with Sara. Joins Kyels group later in the book.Neptune kid. Static
Kalli- meets Sara and Penn later in their journey. Neptune kid. Static

the Neptune project
Nere was never normal. She knows she will never be normal either. She can speak to dolphins telepathically, and has lung problems. Not your average girl. One day the government made an edict. Those are never good. The edict basically said: all of you are moving inland. Nere was shocked. She couldn't leave the dolphins, the water. When she gets home her mom revels that her, Robry, and Lena have been genetically altered to live in the ocean. This was know as the Neptune Project.
Things don't go as planned and the three are thrust into the ocean. All they have are there seapacks and spearguns for protection. With the help of Mariah's pod (the pod Nere's mom was studying) and some other Neptune kids can they reach the colony before the government gets them?
Characters cont...
Gillian- Nere's mother. She was a lead scientist in the Neptune Project. Static
Cam- Robry's older brother. Nere's best friend. Static
Jac- Smuggler. One of Cams best friends. Nere saves his life in the beginning of the book. Static
Mark Henson- 2 years ago he died in a sudden storm on sea. Or so Nere thought. It turns out that he is alive and kicking and starting a colony of the Neptune kids. Nere and her friends need to get to him.

Nere's village
Above water
the Island? read to find out
Nere's house
This is the part where i say:
Will Nere and her friends ever find the colony and Nere's father?
If they do, will all of them join?
Will one be......absent?

Read to find out!
and now i say..
LAst one
In your book fair
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