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Copy of LDP Final

Our team's final presentation on our service learning project.

Khuyen Bui Gia

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of LDP Final

Celine Tan Sue-Wen Jessica Teck Jia Yi Tay Kai Yun Joie Tan Bui Gia Khuyen Jereld Sze with: Michelle Ong♥♥♥ integration of Foreign Students∫ Nanyang Girls' High Raffles Girls' Secondary Anglo-chinese School (independent) Nanyang Girls' High nANYANG Girls' High Dunman High School singapore maNAGEMENT University: Faculty of Law . Singapore. (Little Red Dot) Foreigners Singaporeans Tension: Preconceptions Misconceptions Envy Suspicion Foreigners: 60% 40% 20% = Humans Lack of Confidence
Homesickness Ostracization Unable to make friends Financial Problem Loneliness Singapore and More interaction engagement raise issues share cultures competitive conniving uncool mugger 2015: 150,000!!! 2015: ? STRENGTHS adaptable to change. diverse skills Adherence to deadline Dynamique! . 150000! Singapore = Educational Hub Khuyen Ice-Breakkker Lingo-Mania Cangle! Pass it on TRI-Mallow Skit Skit Reflection on Madagascar Reflection on Madagascar Our participants Our speakers Emergency Plan Adherence to deadlines "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader"
John Quincy Adams Reflection Special Thanks to:

Michelle Ong - Team Advisor - SMU

Ms Pravina, Ms Wong Shiley,
Faith - Onepeople.sg

Ms Salvathi - MOE

Professor Ma & Professor Kong - SMU

Celine Dynamique! Foreign Scholars Interactive Session Interactive Session Listening to introduction Attentively listening Charade Discuss Unleash your creativity! .. and have fun! Group photo
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