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No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Weather

Weather Satellites
satellite images monitor clouds, infrared temperatures, marine conditions
computer programs for weather casting
solve mathematical equations to predict behavior of atmosphere
Measuring Upper Atmospheric Conditions
radiosonde- measures relative humidity, air pressure, wind speed/direction and air temp.
measurements sent back by radio waves to a receiver
radar- transmits radio waves in beams
lasers- detect cloud particles and height
Measuring Wind Direction
wind vane
wind is described according to the direction it comes FROM
in compass points or degrees
Measuring Air Temp.
bimetal thermometer
brass and iron
thermograph- pen attached to bar that records changes on a rotating drum
electrical thermometer
more electric current flows through as temperature increases
What types of things are measured in weather?
What instruments are used?
25.3 Weather Instruments
bimetal thermometer
Measuring Wind Speed
anemometer- rotation triggers electrical signal to register wind speed
m/sec, mph, knots
wind vane
electrical thermometer
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