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Unit 5: Sports coaching

No description

Josh Fell-Groom

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Unit 5: Sports coaching

Unit 5: Sports coaching
Unit 5: Sports Coaching
Roles of a coach

One of the roles of a coach is to manage their team and keep them working well together. The coach will organise different training routines and diffrent practice sessions.
Roles of a coach
The coach may lead a practice session or let the team practice individually on their own weakenesses and just watch over and give advice. The cosch will also have to do things like pick teams for matches and organize transport. e.g. golf coach managing a team will let them practice what they want
Roles of a coach

The coach should spend a lot of time with the athlete to get to know them better. This means they will work better together and get better results as they will form a good relationship. The coach should act like a
Roles of a coach
friend to the athlete and help them when they are down and feeling bad about their performance etc. An example of a coach acting like a friend is marradona with his argentinian football team celebrating on the pitch. This showed he cares about his team feels like he can celebrate with them.
Unit 5: Roles of a coach

The coach should also give their team good quality coaching to help them improve. The coach is expected to improve the performer so they can perform well in competition.
before a round as they have their own routines before a competition. Coaches part of big teams will leave this to other members of the club. An example of a coach who manages a team is David Moyes with manchester united.
Roles of a sports coach
Role model

the coach must also act as a good role model to his/her players so the players behave in the same way and act well when performing. If the coach is seen acting inrespnsibly then the players may act the
same way. This could mean injury to oppostion or generally fooling around.
Responsibilities of a coach
Legal obligations

A coach must make sure that all legal obligations are covered before taking a session, ecspecially with under 18's. This ussually means that parents must sign a form to allow their child to take part in a
Responsibilities of a coach
session and to be looked after by the coach. When playing elsewhere then permission must be given by parents to allow the trip to go ahead.
Responsibilities of a coach
Health and safety

Before any session begins health and safety checks must be done. This is done with a risk assessment so that the coach knows what action to take when a injury is sustained. A coach has the responsibility to cancel a
Responsibilities of a coach
game if there is a risk of a player sustaining an injury.
Responsibilities of a coach
Equal opportunities

It is very important for a coach to give the same amount of attention to every player no matter what their level of ability. This means that they will work better as a team as they should all reach the same level with the
Responsibilities of a coach
coaches help. Some people may feel neglected if they do not get the same level of coaching as other team mates and this may show with their results.
Responsibilities of a coach
Proffesional conduct

A coach must act very proffesional to both their team and their staff. This gives off good signs to others and shows the coach cares about the team aswell as the staff. When around parents the coach should also
act as proffesionally as possible so that the parents become supportive of the coach.
Skills of a coach

It is important for a coach to communicate with his/her players. A coach must get to know players well and motivate and show as much belief in them as possible as this will encourage the players to do better. A good
Skills of a coach
coach will deliver motivational team talks to their players to try and improve their performance. Ussually a pleyer learns a lot more when they know the coach well and get on with the coach. An example of good communication from coach to players is rafa benitez to his liverpool team in the 2005
Skills of a coach
champions league final where they pulled 3 goals back in the 2nd half to take the game to extra time. This was seen as one of the best comebacks in history and showed that benitez had communicated with his team well and motivated them to make a comeback at halftime.
Skills of a coach

A coach must be very organised with his/her players as this will help the team play better. The coach must organise training sessions well so that they run smoothly and also organise travel to games and make sure
Skills of a coach
there are facilities available for the team e.g. changing rooms, practice facilities. The coach must also enter teams into competitions and book training facilities.
Skills of a coach

A good coach will be keen to evalute their players performance and show them how to improve on it. A good coach will sit down with individuals to build plans for future improvement and what they need to do to
Skills of a coach
to improve.
Skills of a coach
A coach must communicate using facial expressions and body language to get a message across to players when they are in a noisy environment as the players won't be able to her them shouting. An example of this is David Moyes as old trafford who has use body language as there are 70,000
Skills of a sports coach
fans in the stadium who get very loud during a match.
Roles of a coach
A disadvanatage of getting to friendly with the players is that they may become to reliant on the coach and become lazy.
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