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War and Defence in Ancient China

No description

Ancient Projects

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of War and Defence in Ancient China

BY: HARKIRAT, MANRAJ, UPRAJ AND SUKHRAJ !HOPE U ENJOY IT! Interesting Facts During The Han Dynasty War & Defense In Ancient China Main Details As a fact, bands of horse-riding warriors from Asia were symbols of danger to the Chinese. Even after the Chinese states were unified, the Chinese still needed protection from invasion. But sadly, the men conscripted to work in the army did not get paid, and most of them lost their lives. This is partly because they believed that they wouldn’t be able to do anything in the army because they would probably just die. Finally, the soldiers lived in a garrison until their work was done in the military. A garrison is a type of army post, where soldiers stayed during war in ancient China. In conclusion these are some interesting facts about the Chinese war and defense During the Han Dynasty, rules sort of changed for the military. First, not only some, but all of the able bodied men were conscripted to serve in the army for a whole 2 years. Also, when they went to move into the garrison, they were supplied with food, weapons and armor. Finally, they could be called anytime again to stay in the garrison and live serve in the army, whenever they were needed. In summary, these are all of the rules that changed during the Han Dynasty. During the early history of China, separate states were often in war with each other. They fought over 3 main things; land, wealth and power to control the land. The leaders during these times raised large armies and fought each other, to have more strength to fight. The states defended themselves against many of the invading armies, usually from the north and west of the states. Therefore, these are some main facts. !!!!!!!!!Thanks For Listning!!!!!!!!!
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