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Orchard 2014 9th July

No description

Orchard Energy

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Orchard 2014 9th July

To help businesses reduce their energy costs
Minimising overall spend & consumption on Gas/Electricity whilst
reducing the administrative burden
Committed to simplifying the management process, so information
received is what you need for the efficient running of your business
An extension of your company, a virtual energy purchasing dept handling any aspect of your energy contracts
Many companies are now using energy brokers to purchase their power and we can attribute part of our growth to this trend.
However, our clients stay with us and recommend us because of our outstanding customer service. Every client has a dedicated account manager who is proactive in purchasing at the best rates on your behalf and able to deliver a rapid response to any queries.
Our Partners
How We Help
We explore all avenues and present solutions on the contracts that meet the needs and requirements of our clients.
Fixed Contracts
Green Contracts
AMR/Smart Meter
Flexible Contracts
6/12/18/24/36 Month Contracts
Bespoke contract durations
Multi cited core terminus
POD Contracts
Energy Solutions
Low Carbon Assessment and Planning
Energy Efficiency Diagnostic and Implementation
Strategic Energy Plans
Economical Technologies
Making Carbon Less Taxing
Contingency Planning
kVA Assesment
Meter Installations
Historical invoice validation: water, gas and power.

Our USP's
Specialise in FORWARD PURCHASING to maximise your savings.
Face to face personal service.
We take on the complexity of energy buying and management.
Service of the highest quality, demonstrating excellence, consistency and sustainability.
Providing localised energy management solutions with a rapid response.
To continually improve, to be disciplined people, with systematic thinking that leads to decisive action.
Over the years the relationship has grown and they are now one of our top ten TPIS.
Phil Ivers, Manager of Corporate Accounts, Gazprom Energy.
Flexible Contracts
Dedicated Flexible Pricing Analyst

Daily / weekly / monthly price trackers

Daily / weekly / monthly market intelligence

Recommendations / advice on when to buy

Regular client meetings

Purchasing strategy reviews throughout the contract
Orchard Energy has secured BEL a significant saving on our energy costs... they work in a transparent, trustworthy and pro-active way.
Jonathan Lamb, Manufacturing Director of BEL-British Engines LTD
Having worked with Orchard Energy for the last couple of years I have found them most helpful and customer focused, going the extra mile to find us the best solution and the best prices.
Mark Stephenson
Consultant On behalf of Rockliffe Hall Hotel
Their impartial advice and excellent service has helped us make informed decisions on our future contacts and metering, managing to reduce our costs in these difficult times.
Vince Lithgo, Operations Manager,
Barker and Stonehouse
I have worked with Orchard Energy for the last 4 years, they are very efficient, informative and always very helpful. In fact they have harmonised all the branches energy contracts to the same end date.
Sharon Stephenson
Facilities Administrator
Darlington Building Society
We Deal with in excess of 300 consultants and brokers and orchard are one of the most valued consultants - they are ranked by volume in our top 20
Richard Guy, Key Consultant Sales Team Manager,
EON Energy.
Orchard Energy are one of the few consultants that I know of that have face to face meetings with their customers to negotiate new contracts.
Nicky Penn, Internal Consultant Sales Team,
Haven Power have been working with Orchard Energy for 4 years now and in that time they have become our most respected core brokers.
Andy Dunn, TPI Account Manager North,
Haven Power
Since our entry to the UK energy market in 2001 we have worked with the majority of consultants and TPI's in the corporate channel, our relationship with Orchard is a priority and we consider them one of our most valued consultants
Anna Cowell, TPI Relationship Manager,
BG have a sound working relationship with Orchard. I have been working with Orchard energy now for the past 18 months and have found all the staff very enjoyable to work with.
Sharon Sahota, British Gas
I believe Orchard Energy has been a very good business partner and our relationship has become stronger throughout time. Orchard Energy?s approach has always been very pragmatic and they always offer clear, transparent information on tenders and the process itself.

I personally enjoy dealing with Orchard as they provide very good feedback and I always know where I stand; they have good market and product knowledge and a good understanding of the gas industry.
Juan Pablo Cerda, Dong Energy
Over the last 18 months I&C Industrial Commercial sales have embarked upon a aggressive growth strategy focussing on Half Hourly metered customers. In order to deliver these targets we recognised that we had to further strengthen the positive relationship with Orchard Energy. This was achieved by regular contact with Orchard, providing a dedicated acquisition account executive to oversee all tenders, agreeing SLAs, meeting tender deadlines and capturing feedback.

As a result Orchard are now within our top 5 consultants who regularly place quality Half Hourly Single Site acquisition business and are integral to the Half Hourly Acquisition team achieving our growth targets.
Elaine Knight, Scottish Power
Jhone Burrows,
Head of Business Support
Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice
Orchard has helped our Hospice and shops in so many ways. Their depth of knowledge makes them an expert in their field. Not only are we now saving money which is vital to our cause, Orchard will go out of their way to try and solve any queries we may have or assistance we may need I would highly recommend Orchard, you won’t be disappointed.
Bill Stewart,
Managing Director
Calder Textiles
“We have always been impressed
by the service we have received
from Orchard Energy and this has
led to a long and beneficial relationship
between our two businesses.”
Sean Jarvis,
Commercial Director,
Huddersfield Town Football Club
The Orchard Group has been fantastic to work with as a club partner over the past couple of years. Strong partnerships are the backbone of good business and Orchard has worked hard to forge a successful relationship with Huddersfield Town based on integrity and trust.
Matthew Lawrence, Partner,
Sanderson Weatherall

We have worked with Orchard Energy for almost 10 years and feel the support of their dedicated account manager and specialist staff has made an invaluable contribution aiding us to deliver a high quality property management service to our clients and their tenants by obtaining competitive energy prices in a difficult and sometimes complex
utility market.
Richard Howells, Chief Financial Officer,
Pure Wafer International

We have worked with the team at Orchard Energy for many years and over that time we have developed an excellent working relationship, built on trust and understanding, which has really benefitted our business.
Mike Dragegevic,
Financial Director,
Shaw Pallet
Orchard’s relationship with Shaw Pallet Limited has stood the test of time and has developed positively over the last 9 years. Regardless of who we speak to, we get a friendly, approachable and professional response.
W T Johnson & Sons
W T Johnson had used a national energy advisor for many years but four years ago decided to change to Orchard because we were attracted to their being local, and we hoped to receive a more personal service. This has proved to be the case and has given rise to better savings and flexibility. It was a good move.
John Kirkby, Founder and International Director, Christians Against Poverty
I remember the first time Gareth opened his very small fledgling business in a small rented office in our building in Bradford. Over the last 10 years we have enjoyed great service, support and a real personal attention to our needs as a significant business with over 550 UK workers. As a charity we have been blessed to have received significant support from Orchard Energy for many years and have enjoyed a genuine partnership with Gareth and Rachel and
the team.
Your genuine interest in our business and understanding of our energy requirements gives me full confidence that you can be relied upon to act in the best interests of Altec Engineering
James Gowdie
Finance Manager, Altec Engineering
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