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Getting Found Online

Boost your Google page rank and Internet traffic with proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. ©2016

Matteo Wyllyamz

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Getting Found Online

How do
Search Engines
(SEs) work?
Third-party user names
Boost your Google page rank and Internet traffic
with proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

matteo wyllyamz
The Fibonacci sequence
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 ...
Growing your
Black Hats
Intros & interviews
-customizing this course
In one minute …

Who are you and what do you do?
What is your experience with …
Search Engine Optimization?
How easy is it for people to find
you online right now?
How to have
A great workshop
Workshop schedule
One session of 1 1/2 hours
Short break (5 mins) half way thru
Materials ...
How do *you* find what you're looking for?
Spiders (web-crawling bots)
Which search sites really matter?
What is SEO?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engine results for targeted keywords. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results (SERPS) or the higher it "ranks," the more searchers will visit that site.

SEO is often thought of as “the most cost-effective” method of bringing additional visitors to your web.
You must find the sweet spot that seeks a balance between volume of traffic (popularity) and what makes you unique (competition).

Ask yourself, who are your peers and what separates you from them? Then, clearly define who are you and what you do.

The language you use to answer these questions is the beginning of your SEO.
More tips
{Begin creating your own key word list now.}

How do you create a proper list of keywords?

Ask everyone you know what they would search for to find you.
Search for those terms and see who comes up.
Scour their sites for additional ideas.
Research which key words people are using in their searches >> ubersuggest.org
Make a list of 10 possible search phrases, composed of 3-5 words per search.
... for creating a keyword list:

Ideally you should not even begin designing or creating a site until you have done your keyword research.

If your site already exists, look at which keywords people are already using to find your pages. {google analytics}

Remember to be geographically specific when appropriate.

Consider misspellings and/or multiple versions of the same words or phrases.

Prefer to use phrases as opposed to single keywords.

Utilize industry-specific jargon for savvy searchers.

Consider/Beware using others’ trade-marked company or product names, particularly if it is misleading in any way.

Remember there are different types of searchers:

Researchers, shoppers, and buyers.

Which type of user are you wanting to visit your site?
Where and How?
The Internet-at-large
Your sites
The #1 thing search engines look at?
Each link to your site is a vote of confidence in your content.
Links make it easier for the SE spiders to find your pages.
Every link is a doorway to your web that may bring visitors.

However, link QUALITY is key. Consider:
The page rank of the pages linking to yours
The “importance” of those pages
The “anchor text” of incoming links
Do the sites offer do-follow vs. no-follow links?
Also called 'back-links'
Where do they come from?

Search engines
Directories and Listings
“Links pages” and …
Reciprocal links from peers
Web rings and Link farms
Absolutely consistent use of a brand name via an Internet handle will make you easier to find:

Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Tumblr,
YouTube, Vimeo Instagram, Flickr,
Reddit, Soundcloud, iTunes ... Podcasting Blogs or Message boards
Web articles
About.com, Wikipedia

Create a web-based service as a site “back door.”

Partcipate, don't spam.
In-bound links
What is Page Rank?
Does your rank matter?
What about your peers?
Can you see the rankings?
The first page and the “Fold”
Keyword stuffing (spamdexing)
Invisible text
Redirects and Cloaking

Getting Started
scroll wheel = zoom in or out. also: click to zoom. drag to scroll. down arrow = zoom out. or use framed controls.
Number of niches
Ever-increasing complexity & detail is accelerating exponentially.
Historically ...
Spoken Word
TV & Films

The structure of Internet data distribution can be visualized as if it were a fractal (or a tree).

The more bandwidth, the more specialization.

Continually be searching for your best niche.

The best key words walk a fine line between popularity and competition.

Google is still King of the Hill.

Key word choice is a process of brainstorming the general, then selecting to the specific.

In-bound links and PageRank work like a high school popularity contest.
Key words should be used consistently within anchor text, URLs, content, and coding.

Use of your brand name (or handle) must be absolutely consistent.

SEO and key word choice is a continual process that you will never "finish."

Set reasonable goals/limits of how much time you will spend refining your optimization.

Use of key words can be done by branders, marketers, site designers, writers, social media posters, and coders.
Thanks! Get in touch if you need more help.
Matteo Wyllyamz

Software instructor since 1993, with an emphasis on multimedia, graphic design, and Internet development.

Created courses for Jefferson County Adult Ed, Colorado Christian University, Productivity Point, Colorado Free University, Tompkins Cortland Community College, and the Department of Defense.

Taught Apple Macintosh classes exclusively for five years, and have been active on the Internet since 1994.

University Director of Interactive Media for two years ('97-'99). Took that site from 10,000 visits/month to 70,000 visits/month.

Blogged for seven years. ('99-'05). Developed an audience of 800,000.

TODAY: Regularly create over 1 million impressions on Twitter via some 100k accounts.

Example Worksheet #1
Snabb SEO keywords


"Keywords" are generally phrases composed of 2-3 words each. Our goal is to predict what we think people will type into a search when they are ready to purchase your product. Each section is prioritized from top to bottom, with the intention that the most effective phrases will be used more frequently in your site.


Snabb Volvo Performance Parts - Auto Parts for Volvos: Tuning, turbo, intakes, pipes, accessories, performance upgrades, modifications

volvo auto parts, volvo performance parts, peformance parts for, volvo parts, parts for volvo, volvo turbo, volvo tuning, volvo turbo, volvo intake, snabb performance parts, snabb performance, accessories, tuning, tune, tunes, ARD, ARDtuning, performance upgrades, car tuning, remap, remapping, turbo intake pipes, replacement, ECU upgrades, upgrade, chips, mod, modification, performance modifications

performance aftermarket, aftermarket performance parts, racing parts, performance upgrades, precision parts, turbo charged, custom built, racing, restoration, forum, install, installed, performance racing products

volvo v70, 850, 850R, s70, s60, s60r, v70r, 850r, c30, s40, v50, xc70, xc90, s80

volvo 240, 940, 740, 960 T5, T5R, R, T5M

2012 volvo, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004

<META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="Auto Parts for Volvos: Tuning, turbo, intakes, pipes, accessories, performance upgrades, modifications">

<META NAME="ABSTRACT" CONTENT="Parts for Volvos: Tuning, intakes, pipes, accessories, performance ">

<META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="volvo auto parts, volvo performance parts, peformance parts for, volvo parts, parts for volvo, volvo turbo, volvo tuning, volvo turbo, volvo intake, snabb performance parts, snabb performance, accessories, tuning, tune, tunes, ARD, ARDtuning, ">


volvo tuning, what is an ECU, ECU upgrade, upgrades, remap, what is ECU remapping? remap ECU, performance chips,

ECU tuner, ecm tune, remap, remapping, chip tuning, volvo tune, tuning volvo, chiptuning, remapped, control module, engine computer, ECU replacement

ARD, ARD tuning, ARDtuning (his domain name) ARD tune, ARD green, ARD blue, ARD orange, ARD white, green tune

auto tuning, tuning chip, chip tuning, performance chips, how to,

ME7, M4.4, M4.3, v70, 850, 850R, s70, s60, s60r, v70r, 850r, c30, s40, v50, xc70, xc90, s80 T5, T5R, R, T5M
T5 tuning, BSR, rica, TME, IPD, eurosport, heico, superchip, Elevate,


volvo intake, turbo intake pipe, cold air intake, intake pipe, upgrade kit,

cold air, AN hoses, intake pipe hose, intercooler, air induction

custom intake pipe kit, intake manifold, upgrade turbo piping

air intake hose, high flow air intake kit, turbo intake pipe, cold air, air induction, stainless steel, tubing

larger, upgrade, bolt-on, fresh air, air flow, throttle response, super charger, turbo kit

what is a turbo intake pipe, how to

V70, S70 ,C70, C70 coupe, C70 convertible, XC70, 850, 850R, S60, S60R, V70R, T5, T5M, T5R, R


front mount intercooler kit, FMIC, FM IC, FMIC kit, volvo intercooler, intercoolers, what is an intercooler?

intercooler for turbo, turbo intercooler, intercooler front mount, universal intercooler, how to, install, modify, upgrade, replace, intercooler pipes, piping

s60r, v70r, model-specific, v70, 850, s70, s60, s60r, v70r, 850r, T5, T5R, R, T5M


Short shift kit

short shift volvo


short throw shifter, shifters, short shifter kit, gear shifter, shift kit, throw shifter

intake manifold spacer for another seo category (that we don't have yet)

Volvo bushings

what is a short shifter, how to,

v70, 850, s70, s60, s60r, v70r, 850r, C30, s40, v50, T5, T5M


COMPETITION we're looking at:

ipdusa.com (snabb retailer AND competetor)

ssautochrome.com delete not a competetor

races60r.com they suck!

fcpeuro.com (snabb retailer)

vivaperformance.com (snabb retailer)



Elevate!! they suck
Example Worksheet #2
getting found online
But, it's not that difficult.
All search engines are a way for people to find what they are looking for:

Google, YouTube, eBay, Etsy, Twitter, etc.

It's all a matter of anticipating what people will type in when you want them to find you.

Create a list of these key words.

Then write *everything* (in natural language) with that list of words in mind:

Titles, headings, descriptions, blogs, tweets, etc.
The planet's DATA will grow by
in next decade.

near Cornell
The addition of each search term reduces the number of people who are performing that particular search.
Lots of traffic,
too much competition.
Not as much traffic, less competition.
The Liber Abaci
flower petals
seed heads
pine cones
tree branches
faces & hands
spiral galaxies
DNA molecules
What is
your niche?
Why do fractals exist in nature?
Why do such similar structures appear in the micro to the macro?
(Is it pronounced neesh or nitch?!)
What factors affect your rank?
Numbers of inbound links to your site and their "importance"
Keyword density and where you place them
Exact phrasing of incoming anchor link text
Geographic specificity: Google matches up the locations of
searchers and websites.
Does the search phrase exactly match the site's content?
So the question becomes, do the creations of humans also conform to these same patterns?
World Wide Web
Known Universe
golden ratio: Φ or "phi"
golden rectangle or spiral
YouTube, Ebay, Etsy, Twitter, Craigslist ...
If users can search, then it's a search engine.
Human Neurons
This is a meta-level conversation to discuss leveraging content strategy in the context of Internet technology & culture with the intent of raising public awareness of your brand.

Please set cell phones to silent or turn off.
Class is part discussion, part lecture, part hands-on.
PARTICIPATE! Ask questions. Answer questions. Take notes.
A cooperative learning environment, we're here to learn from
each other.
Be aware & considerate of others’ ability and knowledge.
This class was designed for a specific level of student:
The beginner SEO.
< You're lost.
You're bored. >
You're thrilled!
U.S. Search Engine Market Share
Brainstorm: How can you get more links to your website?
Brand / "handle"
Unique, easy to spell, and easy to remember

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Wikipedia, eBay, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Wordpress, Paypal, Microsoft, Craigslist

Google, Flickr, Tumblr, Gmail, reddit, Disqus, Shopify, Imgur, Etsy, Vimeo, Mozilla, Weebly

Old words, new meanings
Twitter, Vine, Periscope, Yahoo, Amazon, Bing, Adobe, Yelp, Intuit, Pandora, Hulu

It's a little like a high school popularity contest:
Consider using your most critical keywords in your domain name(s).*
Don’t rule out the use of hyphens to separate words.
Understand the difference between human-friendly vs. SE-friendly
Check the registry for the domains that interest you.
Register different domain names to use in different locations on the web or IRL.

*Studies show that internet searchers are more likely
to click on results when the search term appears in the domain name.
The writing ("keyword density") of your paragraphs

Use natural language, optimized for both human and "spider" (software robot)

Be sure to SEO the words closest to the top of the page.

Pay special attention to emphasized words:

Headings <H1>
Bold <strong>
Italic <em>
Every web page has both a name and a title.
Internet file names are called URLs or sometimes "permalinks."
Title - Natural language written for humans AND spiders
Selling the search engine browser
Also pay attention to directory structure (if you're able)
Internal links …
… within and to your site should be worded properly
Use Page Descriptions
What about "meta tags"?
Alt image tags
Google's algorithm is a "secret sauce" around which there are continual changes and endless speculation.
(6 min)
How Much Caffeine Is In Chocolate?
Key Words
Key Words
Trees to leaves
Fractals: patterns repeating again and again
on smaller and more detailed scales
Do human structures contain the same fractalized patterns?
An information system is a human-made structure.
Google has confirmed it is removing
Toolbar PageRank http://mslnk.bz/2ddpkmk
August 16, 2013
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