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Ann Casey Hughes

on 28 January 2014

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located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
covers 250 hectares, which is approximately only one square mile

what is it known for?

this forest is known for its spooky occurences that seem to happen upon entry. some say that this forest is the most active point of paranormal activity in the world. In other words, it's known to be a kind of portal into another realm.
what makes it unique?
people who have entered are said to have experienced strange sensations of nausea, as well as develop inexplicable rashes and pains.
ghostly figures and distant paranormal voices are supposedly seen and heard by hikers in the forest. The voices are supposedly crying in anguish at the intruders of their forest.
what are the flora and fauna like?
The vegetation is known for being very strange and unusual looking. The trees are twisted and the plants are of odd color.
The animals are said to be uncharacteristically calm and almost human-like in their reactions with humans.
what is the history of the forest?
In the late 1960s, a strange apparition said to be a flying saucer was photographed in the forest, bringing world renown to the haunted forest.
The people living in the city of Cluj-Napoca had however known since ancient times that the forest was home to strange occurences and paranormal activity.
The forest is said to be home to hundreds of restless ghosts of Romanian peasants murdered there in the 13th century.
what is a folk story from the forest?
A five year old little girl is said to have entered the forest and then was reported missing. Five years later she resurfaced from out of the forest, wearing the same clothes she was the day she went missing and having no memory of what had happened to her in the time that had passed
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