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Shoprite APPY Dept.

Facilities Layout Presentation

Josh Huang

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Shoprite APPY Dept.

Problems Work Design & Ergonomics
Dr. Luxhoj - Fall 2012 Michael A. Gomez
Daniel Holguin
Joshua Huang
Meena Mallela
Jiten Mistry Present
Method Assumptions Work shifts: 8 hours/shift
Weekend staff = 6 employees
Week days staff = 3 employees

Customer frequency

Average work environment @ 65⁰Fahrenheit Background ShopRite - Appy Dept. (Appetizer)

Purpose: Serve the general public with satisfying deli meats and cheeses

General Itinerary: Roast Beef, Pastrami, Turkey, Ham, Salami, Cheese & other variety of meats Objective Reduce worker & customer idle time

Create an ergonomic work environment A Facility Layout Study
Worker backtracking

Restocking carts

Rush Hour Progress First encounter

Collected data & recorded observations

Developed proposed layout D.M.A.I.C. Flow Process Chart Relative Frequency Chart Pareto Analysis Present Analysis Report - Problems Discovered Inefficient usage of space

Organization of products

Re-stocking disturbance

Aisle space

Plugs for refriderators Walking mats

Hand-me down equipment

Touch Screens unavailable

Temperature Proposed
Method Addressed Problems
Worker backtracking


Ticket Dispenser


Serpentine flow Comparison of M.O.S.T. Present Method Proposed Method 1.) Get product / go to slicer:

A16 B0 G1 A16 B0 P1 A0 = 340 TMU

2.) Slice time:

A0 B0 G1 M5 X122 I2 = 1280 MU

3.) Walk to pricing scale / deliver product to customer:

A16 B0 G1 A0 B0 P3 A3 = 230 TMU 1850 TMU TOTAL = 1.) Get product / go to slicer:
A1B0G1A1B0P1A0 = 40 TMU

2.) Walk to meat / cheese & walk back to slicer
A10B0G1A10B0P1A0 = 220 TMU

3.) Slice product
A0B0G1M3X122I2 = 1280 TMU

4.) Put product in bin
A0B0G1A0B0P0A0 = 10 TMU

5.) Push bin
A0B0G1M1X1I1 = 40 TMU TOTAL = 1590 TMU Benefits Less distance traveled
More room = less bumping into each other (smoother foot traffic)

Less stops at counter due to touch screen system
Productivity boost Programming Software Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Excel Lessons Learned Real IE interactions among clients
Obtaining permission to perform study

Worker input = crucial for improvements

Presence of too many analysts will seem intrusive from standpoint of the workers

Emergencies (Sandy) affect customer flow

Value of team communication & time Acknowledgements Dr. Luxhoj

ShopRite - Appy Dept. Staff

Work Design textbook

Laboratory projects Questions? Restocking disruption

Comfort mats

Extra floor space

New transport cart Rush Hour

Assembly line

Automated orders
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